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The Best Wood for Garage Doors

Best Wood for Garage Doors

If you’re interested in building a custom wood garage door, you may want to explore some of the various woods available before you decide. There are a few common types of wood people use for garage doors, so be sure to explore all of your options.

In this article, we’re exploring the best wood for garage doors.

The Best Wood For Garage Doors

You have so many options when it comes to garage door materials. Steel is a staple, and ABS is becoming popular as a lightweight option. Many homeowners opt to select wood garage doors, as wood looks amazing and can be updated with paints and stains, giving you countless options. 

If you’re going to choose a wooden garage door, you’ll need to choose the right wood. Which one should you use in your home? Here are a few options that homeowners are going for right now. 

So, what is the best wood for garage doors? Let’s take a look.


When you think of mahogany, you think of luxury. If you want the very best for your garage door, then you want to look into mahogany wood. 

This wood type will always look amazing when you keep up with its care. It holds decorative cuts well, and you can polish it up to a high shine, if that’s what you’re looking for. It naturally has red tones, which will look great on many homes. If you want a different color, it can be put through a bleaching process first. 

As well as looking great, mahogany is highly sturdy, too. It’s a good option for larger garage doors, as it will keep its shape without warping or splitting. Plus, it’s naturally resistant to moisture and insects too. 


Want something more affordable for your garage door? You don’t have to discount wood altogether, as you can get a plywood garage door. These use a thin wood ‘skin’ over the wood inside, so you’ll get a great look but without the price. 

These doors have the advantage of being light, so you won’t need a beefy garage door opener to handle it. As it’s so thin, you can insulate the garage door with a layer of insulation. That’s recommended if you spend time in your garage, and it gets cold over the winter months. 


Cedar is another popular option for garage doors. This wood is more porous than mahogany, so it makes it a lot lighter. That’s good for you if you want a solid wood door, without all the weight. The porous nature also helps the door naturally soundproof your garage, too. If you like to work with loud tools in your garage, it’s something to look into. 

Just like mahogany, cedarwood is naturally resistant to moisture and pests, so you won’t have to worry about them getting into your garage. The wood can be finished in almost any way you like, so you can really up the curb appeal of your home. You can also leave it unfinished for a natural weathered look if you’d like. 

Reclaimed Wood

Are you trying to be more eco-friendly with your home renovations? It’s a lot harder than you’d think, as there are so many raw materials involved. That’s why a lot of people are choosing to use reclaimed wood

The beauty of reclaimed wood is that no new trees will need to be cut down to make your door. That’s going to make it a lot easier on your conscience when choosing a new door. It can be easier on your wallet too, as depending on the wood you choose, it’s cheaper too. 

Another benefit of reclaimed wood is that it’s unique. Whichever wood you choose, you’ll have a door unlike any other out there. As the wood has already been exposed too, it’s already well seasoned. 


Redwood is another high-end option for garage doors. It gives you lots of options as to looks, as you can stain or paint it as you please. That makes it easy to fit the door in with the current appearance of your home. 

These doors are usually put together in layers of wood. This is to help it resist warping when it’s exposed to heat and water. 

What To Know About Wooden Garage Doors

Are you planning on installing a wooden garage door in your home? There are a few things that you need to be aware of when you’re picking one out, so you can make the right choice. Here’s what you need to keep in mind. 

The climate in your area: What is the climate like where you live? Is it hot all year round? Are there storms? Is your home often battered by rainstorms? These are all things that will affect a wooden door. If you get a lot of weather on the extreme ends of the scale, you’ll need to consider getting a higher-end door, such as mahogany or redwood. 

The weight of the door: The weight of the door is important if you are hoping to use a garage door opener. The larger and heavier the door, the stronger your garage door opener needs to be. If you want to go with heavier wood, you may need to replace your garage door opener too. 

Opening styles: Wooden garage doors can be created in almost any style you can imagine. That means you can have a traditional-style garage door or do other things with it. Many like to have side hinged doors, for a more old-world look. Consider what kind of style you would like. 

Care and maintenance: A wooden garage door will need care and maintenance, just as any garage door would. Specifically, you’ll need to consider whether you want to regularly repaint or re-stain your door. This is essential to protect it from the elements, so can you commit to that?

Watch out for pests: As you’re considering a wooden door, you’ll have to consider the possibility of pests. Wood can be gnawed through, so you’ll need to take precautions. If you pick a wood-like cedar, they’re naturally resistant to pests so you can reduce the chances of unwanted guests in your garage. 

There are lots of choices when it comes to wooden garage doors. Pick the right wood for your door, and you’ll have a door that looks amazing and keeps the elements out. Which one will you use for your home?

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