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The Different Styles of Garage Doors

A beautiful garage door can improve the curb appeal of your home, save energy, and boost your property value.

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there are many different styles of garage doors

The garage door is a very important part of your home.

When you have visitors, it is one of the first aspects of your house that they will not only notice but pass judgment on. This is why if you are considering taking on a home improvement project, either replacing your current garage door or building an entire garage should be at the top of your list.

The national median cost garage door replacement project is $2,300. This may sound expensive to some, but when your house is sold 87% of the investment is recovered. If you currently have a worn-out and low-quality garage door, it can be a real liability. Not only will it reduce the amount of money you get if you sell your home, but you will have also to continually contribute money for any needed repairs.

Luckily enough, you will not be short of choice when deciding on what type of garage door to use. Read on to find out what types of garage doors are available for you to choose from.

Different Styles of Garage Doors

There are many different styles of garage doors to choose from.

Be sure to take a closer look at all the garage door styles available, including those featuring unique materials, garage doors with windows, and more.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the different styles of garage doors so you understand the possibilities when purchasing or designing a garage door.

Garage doors come in four basic types. They can slide to the side, swing out, roll up or swing up. If a very specific look is requested or the ceiling has to be kelp clear, sliding barn doors or swing-out carriage doors are an excellent choice. Other than this, the most popular choice is the sectional roll-up garage door. In fact, you’ve probably seen this type of garage door a dozen times before, so we’ve doubted that you’re not familiar with it. Let’s go into a few of these types of garage doors in more detail.

The Roller

These types of garage doors are typically made of corrugated steel panels. This garage door will be able to roll up smoothly into a box that is directly above the garage. The added space that roller up garage doors allow is a fantastic addition to any homeowner; especially one that has a family and needs any extra space for strange that they can get. It’s also important to state that roller garage doors do not have horizontal tracks like retractable garage doors.

Of course, you need to be prepared before you purchase your garage door: this includes taking precise measurements. For example, you will need to measure the space between the top of the garage door and the ceiling if you have decided to purchase a roll-up door. Standard tracks typically require about 14 inches.

The Side-Hinged Door

Would you prefer a door that opens outward and uses steel hinges? If so, the side-hinged garage door will be perfect for your home. These types of doors are also great if you have a larger vehicle and as a result, need all of the current height that is available in your garage. Since side-hinged doors typically need manual operation, you won’t be driving in and out of them much. The good news is that you can also control how much breeze goes in and out of these doors since they are installed in pairs. This will be ideal for anyone building these doors on their workshop, as they will then be able to keep cool while continuing with their important work and not having to worry about overheating or being distracted. These doors meet at the center and as a result, can be less secure than other types of garage doors available on the market for purchase. What about the maintenance they require? Easy enough in comparison to other types of doors.

The Canopy Garage Door

Canopy garage doors flip open. In order for this to happen, on the sides of the door frame, there are vertical tracks. If you are searching for a garage door that can offer you some shelter, then this is the door for your home. Approximately ⅓ of the door is made to protrude outside of the garage that it is attached to. Just like the side-hinged door, the canopy door usually requires manual operation. It is easier to maintain, though, since they weigh lighter than most other garage doors.

There are a few factors for you to consider before you decide to purchase this garage door. The first is that you will need to park your car further away from your garage then you may be accustomed to. This is because the door must swing outward for it to be opened fully. If you’re on a budget, we recommend you purchase a canopy door. They are one of the cheaper garage doors available to purchase.

Common Garage Door Materials

Thankfully, garage doors are available in a variety of different materials for you to choose from. This means that you will not have to settle for anything less than perfect for your home. However, it’s important that you are aware of the pros and cons of each material. We discuss two of them below:

  • Wood: This material will appeal to many traditionalists who are seeking traditional materials and style. In fact, wood garage doors were the first to be made and sold. Again, one of the cheapest materials is wood, so this material will also appeal to homeowners who are on a budget. Wood doors will need to refinished every so often.
  • Steel: The most popular of all the materials; steal. They appeal to many homeowners because they are available in just about any style, and are also low maintenance. The con? If you enjoy playing sports just as basketball, this material is not for you, as it doesn’t stand well against impact.


Whether you are purchasing or replacing a garage door, this home improvement project will not leave you disappointed. Simply make sure you choose the best type of door for your home, along with the right material. Of course, don’t be afraid to call a professional for help if you are unable to complete the task yourself.

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