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The Best Garage Door Colors

garage door colors

If you’re interested in purchasing a new garage door, you will need to decide on the best color for your home. There are several options available at this point, so you will want to select from the best garage door colors available.

In this article, we’re taking a look at the best garage door colors in 2020.

The Best Garage Door Colors

Painting your garage door is a bigger deal than you’d think. The garage door takes up a lot of visual real estate on your home, and the color you paint it has more of an impact than you’d think. How do you choose the color that’s right for you? Read on to get some ideas for picking the perfect palette for your garage doors. 

Here are the best garage door colors and how to go about selecting your color.


White is the absolute classic when it comes to garage door colors. White as a color is actually the blending of all other colors on the spectrum. Because of this, it works well on pretty much any home you can think of. When you use white, it creates a uniform appearance that looks great, no matter what your home looks like. It’s a good choice if you’re not sure what color you want, but you want your home to have curb appeal


On the other end of the spectrum, there’s black as a paint color. This also works well, as black offers a trendy and hip look to a modern house. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it on older homes, though. Another benefit is that it easily hides marks, especially handy if you have pets or kids that play outside of the garage doors. When you use a black shade, make sure it works with the rest of the house, or it could look rather stark in comparison.

Soft Gray

This is very much on-trend right now, as it works as an excellent neutral color. It works very much in the same way that white does, but comes off as softer in tone. Many use it if they want their garage door to blend in, rather than stand out. 

Beige And Taupe

This is yet another idea if you want a neutral, but don’t like the idea of the other shades already mentioned. These are perfect if you have a brick or stone facade, as it helps the garage door blend in perfectly. 

Walnut Brown

If you want the perfect wood-style shade, go for a walnut brown. It’s a timeless color and gives your garage door the illusion of being an upscale wooden one. Again, this color is still neutral, and the tone of this brown will make things warm and classic. Remember, there’s a lot of shades of brown, so ensure you pick a walnut brown. A different brown will make the door look dated, so ensure you pick the right one. 

How to Choose The Right Paint Color

There’s more to choosing a paint color than just choosing one that appeals to you. Here’s what you need to think about as you pick out a paint color for your door. 

Consider Your Curb Appeal: When choosing anything for the front of your home, you’ll need to think about the curb appeal of the building. Are you looking to sell your home, or hoping to do soon in the future? If so, then you’ll want to go for something more neutral in tone. If you want someone to buy your home, you’ll need them to be able to imagine living there. It’s harder for them to do that if you’ve painted it a more unique color. 

Of course, if you’re staying put and want to choose something that isn’t neutral, then by all means go for it. If you have an HOA, ensure that the paint color you’re looking at is allowed under the rules before you buy it. If you’re covered, then you can go ahead and paint your garage door. 

Don’t Match Your Front Door: For many homeowners, they will simply pick the same color that they used on their front door. In most cases, you’ll be ok doing this, especially if you have used a neutral color on the door. However, this won’t work if you’ve used a more bold or bright color on the door. It’ll work well on the front door, but the garage door is a much larger expanse and it will be overwhelming. In these cases, it’s better to stick to a neutral color for the garage door. 

Match Your Windows: Still not sure which color to use? If you’re really stuck, you can play it safe and match the colors of your window frames and the trim on your house. This makes things a lot easier and will ensure that the garage door will work perfectly with the rest of your house. 

Match Your House: On the subject of matching the garage door to housing elements, why not match it to the house itself? This is a good option if you don’t want the garage doors to take over the whole house, visually speaking. Pick a color that blends in with the siding of your house to give it a good, neutral look. You can paint the trim around the door the same color too if you so choose. 

Consider The Material Of The Garage Door: Something else you need to think about is the material of your garage door. Some materials actually work with different colors better, so keep that in mind as you choose. If you have a wooden door for example, you may want to use a more traditional color that works well with the wood grain. 

Try Staining A Wooden Garage Door: If you do have a wooden garage door, then rather than painting it you may want to stain it instead. This will still give it the color you’re looking for, but you’ll also get to see the wood grain through it. If you are staining a garage door, remember that wooden doors require regular upkeep, with the paint job being replaced every year

Schedule a Consultation

Now that you’re familiar with the best garage door colors available today, you may want to hire a professional for an opinion. A professional will be able to guide you toward the color that works best with your house and setting.

To get started, schedule an appointment with Your Garage Door Guys today.


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