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Garage Door Panel Repair Tips

garage door panel repair tips

Today, we’re sharing a few garage door panel repair tips you need to know if you have a garage door. A garage door involves several mechanical parts that may wear down over time and need maintenance and repair.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most important garage door panel repair tips.

Garage Door Panel Repair Tips

Every homeowner has been there at some point. You’ve accidentally backed up too far in the car and backed into the garage door, denting it. Or your kids have been playing outside and kicked a ball into the door. Even the weather can damage the door, so at some point, you’ll need to look into garage door panel repair.

If the panel has become damaged, don’t worry. There are ways you can repair that panel and get it looking as good as new again. In many cases, the panel can be fixed, or replaced, without having to replace the whole garage door. Here are some good tips on how to repair your garage door panels. 

Repair Your Garage Door Panel Quickly

If there’s a dent or damage to a garage door panel, you’ve got to repair it quickly. Right now, the problem is only cosmetic. The trouble is, a dented or damaged panel will create more problems over time. The dent will put stress on the tracks as you open and close the door. Eventually, the door can jump the tracks, becoming dangerous. 

It’s not too difficult to repair the damage, especially in steel garage doors. Try one of these tips first before you try opening the door again, as they may be enough to reverse the damage. 

Consider the Age of The Door

As you’re thinking of repairing the garage door panel, consider the age of the door itself. Older doors may be trickier to repair, and so you may want to look into replacing them instead. The average lifespan of a garage door is around 20 – 25 years, so if your door is older it’s going to be harder to find a new panel, should you need it. 

If this is the case and you have a simple dent, you can try some of the tricks listed below first. If they work, then you’re good to go. If not, you may need to consider replacing the garage door panel

If you had the door installed fairly recently and you can’t get the damage out yourself, then you can talk to your installation engineer. They can help you get the right replacement panel, and even install it for you if needed. 

Garage Door Repair Safety

Before attempting any repairs on your garage door, you need to ensure you and your family are safe. If you have an automatic garage door opener, make sure you unplug it before you get started. This ensures that no one can accidentally open the garage door while you’re working on it.

Also, ensure that no children or pets are in the vicinity, to keep them safe. 

Try Hammering the Dent Out

Firstly, you can try hammering the dent out of your garage door. You’ll need a 2 x 4 of wood and a rubber mallet for this. Place the wood over the place where the garage door panel has dented. Use the rubber mallet to tap the wood, in order to pop the metal back into place. In many cases, this will be enough to push the metal back and make the door look as good as new again. 

The Aluminum Foil, Compressed Air, And Lighter Trick

Another way of repairing a dent is to use aluminum foil, compressed air, and a lighter. It sounds strange, but it’s a tip that works well for cars and garage doors too. If you dented your car as you dented the garage door, you could certainly try it on both.

To do this, first wash the damaged area down with water and dish soap. Allow it to totally dry, and then fetch your tools. Cut off enough foil to cover the dent, with some excess so you can hold the foil onto the door. Lay the foil flat against the dent, and then move the lighter back and forth against it for a minute. Once you’ve done that, remove the foil and then spray the area with compressed air. 

When you do this, you’ll see that the dent pops back into place. The temperature difference between the compressed air and the heated dent will make it pop back into shape. Once this happens, hose it down to finish. 

Replacing Your Garage Door Panel

If the above hasn’t worked, then you’ll need to replace the panel. With many garage doors, this isn’t actually that difficult. As you look at your garage door, you’ll see it’s made up of several panels that are screwed together in order to move smoothly when opened or closed. You can easily take the damaged panel out, replace it, and have a working garage door again. 

To remove the panel, unscrew it from the one next to it and slide it out. If it’s not on top, you’ll need to remove that panel too in order to get to it. Then, reverse the process by sliding in the new panel, screwing it in, and then testing the door to ensure it opens and closes properly. 

When to Call The Experts

Have you tried the above tips but can’t repair your panel? If it hasn’t worked, the damage may be more severe. In these cases, you’ll be ready to call the experts. They will help you get the panel out and replaced, so you can use your garage door again. They’re also the right people to call if you’re not too sure about going about the repair yourself. If you’re less than 100% certain, always call an expert to come and help you with it.  After all, it’s better to call them in than perhaps make an error in your repair. 

Repairing your garage door panel is a lot easier than you’d think in a lot of cases. A simple dent is easily popped back out with a hammer, or with foil and compressed air. Even if that doesn’t work, you can replace the panel itself and get your garage door working again. Remember, if you ever need help with the repair, you can call on the experts to help you get it done. 

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