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How Do You Program A Garage Door Opener?

How Do You Program A Garage Door OpenerAutomatic garage door openers allow you to open and close your garage door with the push of a button. However, automatic garage door openers need to be programmed in order to work properly.

Programming your garage door opener can be tricky. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at one of the most common questions we hear from people who recently purchased a new garage door opener.

How do you program a garage door opener anyway?

How Do You Program A Garage Door Opener?

Programming can be a challenge if you’re not familiar with your system or how it operates. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the most common types of the garage door opening systems as well as how to program a remote so you are prepared.

Remember, you can always contact a professional for help if you find the process too frustrating, as many provide garage door programming services.

So, how do you program a garage door opener?

The Types of Garage Door Opening Systems

Before you start programming your system, you’re going to need to know what kind of system you’ve got.

Older systems will have a remote that contain a set of code switches that can be turned on or off. These same set of code switches will be found in the garage door opening device too, so the two will recognize each other. If you have the remote on you, the door should open when you use the remote.

Newer models use ‘rolling codes’ in order to work. This means that every time the door is opened and closed, the code changes. Having rolling codes makes your home much more secure, as anyone attempting to get into your home can’t try using a similar remote in order to trick your door into opening.

Programming Your Garage Door for A New Car or Remote

Sometimes, you’ll need to program your garage door to accept a new car or a new remote. If you buy a new car with a HomeLink system, then you’ll need to ‘teach’ your garage door system to recognize the new car. Many used cars now come with these systems too, and you can also reprogram them to work with your garage door. You may also need to reprogram the door to work with a new remote, which is quite common as remotes can get broken or lost.

Fixing A Broken Remote

Some homeowners think they need to replace their remote, as the garage door has suddenly stopped working. Before you go out and spend more money on a new remote though, you should go through these troubleshooting tips, to ensure that there isn’t a simple issue that you’re missing:

  • Check that the batteries in the remote are working, and change them out if they need to be changed.
  • Check the motor to the garage door opening mechanism hasn’t been unplugged, as this can happen. It may also be that the motor has burned out and needs to be replaced.
  • Try moving closer to the door, as you may not be in range.
  • Ensure the antenna on the door isn’t blocked or damaged in any way.
  • Check the workings of the door, as doors that won’t open for long enough or can’t open all the way may have mechanical issues that need addressing.

Reprogramming Your Garage Door

If you need to program your garage door for a new car or remote, you’re going to need to first clear the area around the garage door.

Next, you’ll need to find the ‘learn’ button on the garage door opener motor. This may not be labeled but will be next to a small light. It may also be called the ‘program’ button or could be differently shaped or colored to make it noticeable.

To program a new remote, hold the learn button down until the light starts to blink. As the light is still blinking, press the button on the remote. You can then test the remote by pressing the button to see if it works. If the door opens and closes, then it’s ready to use. If it doesn’t, try unplugging the motor for a minute or so and trying again. It may also be that you need new batteries in the remote, so always start with fresh batteries.

If the garage door has code switches, these switches will need to be set to the same arrangement in both the door and the remote.

If your car has a built-in button, you’ll need a helper to help you with the next step. Once you’ve programmed the remote, you’ll need someone in the car to press the button in there for three seconds. They should remove their finger, and then press it again for three seconds. The car should then be programmed to open and close the garage door. Again, test the door by pressing the button. If the door opens and closes, it’s ready to use.

Things to Keep in Mind

As with all garage door issues, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, you’ll need to keep your garage door maintained to ensure that it stays working correctly. If the door stops opening, you’ll want to check that all the machinery is working correctly. If it isn’t, you may need to call in a professional to make repairs. Checking on it regularly can stop this from happening.

Also, be aware that some garage door openers can only hold a certain amount of remotes or cars on them. If you want to add a new one when the memory is full, you may have to remove all the cars and add them back manually.

Programming a car door opener isn’t as difficult as it seems. It all depends on how you open your garage door. Programming a remote is very simple, and programming a car means you just need to take an extra step, and maybe have someone else on hand to help.

If you’re ever having problems with the garage door opener and you’ve followed the above steps, then you can get in touch with a garage door repair company, to see what they can do. They’ll help you get the door working and ready to go again in no time.

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