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How to Program A LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

how to program a liftmaster garage door opener

Interested in learning how to program a LiftMaster garage door opener?

Lift Master garage door openers include a wide range of openers, including everything from residential openers to commercial openers. Now that you’ve had yours installed in your garage, you’ll need to program the remote controls, so you and only you can get into your garage at the press of a button. 

In this article, you will learn how to program a LiftMaster garage door opener.

If you run into trouble, you can always hire a professional garage door service that offers garage door opener installation or garage door opener programming.

How to Program A LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Remote

If you have a LiftMaster Max model, the programming process is a little different. However it’s still simple, so it won’t take you long to do. 

Here’s how to program a LiftMaster garage door opener:

  • Locate the ‘program’ button on your garage door opener or keypad. 
  • If you have a 890MAX or 895MAX opener, then you’ll need to press the ‘program’ button with a safety pin or paper clip until the LED on the remote control turns on. 
  • If you have a 893MAX remote, the ‘program’ button will be on the back of the device, under the visor clip. 
  • If you have an 877MAX keypad, press the * and # keys together until the lighted keys stop flashing and remain steady. 
  • Now you’ve hit ‘program’, you’ll need to press and release the button that you wish to program. 
  • Wait for the LED on the remote control to stop blinking, and then press and release the button again. Repeat this process until the light bulb blinks. 
  • Once the light bulb is blinking, press any other button on the remote control. 

Then, your remote control is programmed and ready to go. 

The Importance Of Programming Your Remote Control

As soon as your garage door opener is installed, you should program your remote control. Once you have, only these controls will be able to open your garage door. This is so important for safety, as you want to ensure that the garage door is as secure as can be. Once the remote is programmed, no one can get in without that remote. 

That’s because modern garage door opener remotes use rolling codes. These are designed to change every time the garage door is opened. As the code changes every time, the code can’t be spoofed by someone sitting nearby your garage when you go in. This is just one link in the chain when it comes to garage security, so ensure you do this right away. 

Programming A Standard LiftMaster Remote Control

The great thing about a LiftMaster system is that they’re so easy to program. Here’s how you’ll program any standard remote control. 

  • Find the ‘learn’ button on your garage door opener. This will usually be on the same side as the antenna. Be aware that you may need to remove the light lens to access it. The button will have a small LED beside it. 
  • Once you’ve found the ‘learn’ button, press and release it. 
  • Within 30 seconds of pressing the ‘learn’ button on your garage door opener, press and hold the button you wish to program on your remote for three seconds, and then release it. 
  • If it was successful, then the LED light on the garage door opener will blink to indicate that it worked. 

Once you’ve done that, your garage door opener remote is ready to go. It really is a lot easier than you’d think. 

Troubleshooting Your Remote Control

Most of the time you’ll be programming your LiftMaster garage door opener remote because it has just been installed. However, it’s always worth knowing how to do it, as it’s a good way to tackle any issues with the remote if it stops working. Here are some other troubleshooting tips for your remote, if you’re experiencing problems. 

Check the batteries: In the vast majority of cases, the garage door remote isn’t working simply because the batteries have died. All you have to do here is swap out the existing batteries for a fresh set and try again. Take a look at the contacts too while you’re in there. If they look as though they’ve corroded, they may need polishing

Get closer: This is another simple solution. If you’re not close enough to the door, then the garage door opener can’t pick up the signal from the remote. Try getting closer to the door and press the button again. 

Check the door isn’t manually locked: Yet another common reason your remote won’t work is the garage door has been locked manually. It’s so easy to forget you’ve done this and then come back, trying to get in with the remote. Check the door isn’t locked before you troubleshoot further. 

Check the emergency release cord hasn’t been pulled: All good garage door openers will have an emergency release cord. This pulls the opener off the track, so it can’t open the door even if someone presses the button. This is usually done if you’re doing some work on the door itself. If you’ve worked on it recently, this may be why your remote isn’t working.

See if you’re opening someone else’s door: In some cases, if you’re pressing the button and your garage door won’t open, you may be opening someone else’s garage door instead. This happens if the rolling code being used is actually the same code on your neighbor’s garage door. It’s worth asking around to see if anyone’s garage door has been opening and closing on its own, and reprogram your remote. 

Try resetting the system: Much like your PC or phone, your garage door opener is basically a small computer. Sometimes, all it needs is a reset to get it working again. You can do this by removing the batteries from your remote for around 30 seconds, and then putting them back in. You can reset a receiver by unplugging the unit from the wall socket, again for around 30 seconds. 


Now that you know how to program a LiftMaster garage door opener, you can move forward with confidence and troubleshoot issues if needed.

Programming a LiftMaster remote control is so much easier than it looks. Follow these steps and it should work the first time. Then you’re ready to use your garage door opener every time you use the garage door. 

If you need help, consider contacting a professional garage door service in your area for help.

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