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How to Repair A Garage Door Opener

How to Repair A Garage Door Opener

If you’re a homeowner, you know how to repair a garage door opener in the event your opener stops working. This will allow you to repair your garage door opener quickly.

A garage door opener might experience issues throughout its lifespan. If you discover your garage door opener isn’t working properly, it may need to be repaired or replaced.

In this article, we’re taking a look at how to repair a garage door opener.

How to Repair A Garage Door Opener

Have you gone to get your car out of the garage in the morning, only to find that the door won’t open? Maybe you’ve come home after a long day, and you can’t get your car back inside. If the door isn’t working, not to worry. It may well be the garage door opener that’s at fault. This is something you can often repair yourself, so let’s troubleshoot your garage door opener and get it working again. 

Do Some Initial Checks

If the door won’t open, then you need to do some quick checks first of all. It may be something very simple that’s stopping the door from opening, and so you’ll be able to solve the problem quickly. Check the following on your garage door opener:

  • Is the garage door opener plugged in, and is the circuit breaker in the right place?
  • Has the door been locked manually?
  • Have the batteries of your remote control worn out?
  • Are you in the correct range to open the garage door?

If you still need to get into the garage quickly, you can open the door by pulling the release cord. This disconnects the trolley, so you can open the door manually. Never do this when the door is open though, as it can cause it to come crashing down. 

Check The Controls

Your garage door opener has some external controls, which are used to open and close it. For example, the wall switch, keypad, or remote control could be at fault here. You’ll want to test them all, to see if any of them aren’t working correctly. If only one doesn’t work, then you know where the trouble lies. 

If your garage door opener motor has an antenna, ensure it’s undamaged and in the correct position to receive the signal. Check the batteries in your remote, and ensure you’re using it within range of the opener. 

When the remote control is causing problems, you can try reprogramming it. This is fairly simple, and you can do so by using the instructions in the manual that came with your opener. If you’re not familiar with the controls, consider hiring a professional for garage door opener remote programming

Adjust The Safety Sensors

Sometimes a door will start auto-reversing even when no one is under it, or just won’t open or close properly. In these cases, the safety sensors are to blame. These need to be clean and properly aligned though, to work as intended. 

Firstly, clean off the sensors on your door with a soft cloth. Dirt can collect on the sensors, and break the beam that’s emitted between them. If that doesn’t fix it, they may need realignment. All you need to do is tie a length of string between the two sensors and check it with a spirit level. If the string isn’t level, then the beam is broken. Adjust the two sensors until they’re level with each other, and check the door again. 

Also, make sure there’s nothing in the way that’s blocking the sensors. If you have boxes, children’s toys, or other items in the garage, that could be what’s blocking the signal. 

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Adjust The Limit Switch

Another issue that you may be dealing with is incorrect limits on the garage door opener. The limit is what tells the garage door opener where the ground is. When the door hits the grounds, then it knows the door is shut. If the limit is incorrect, then it will auto-reverse, as it believes there’s something in the way of the door. This is another safety feature, but it causes problems if it isn’t set correctly. 

Luckily, it’s easy to adjust the limits on your opener. Check your manufacturer’s instructions, and it will show you how to adjust the limit on your device. This is usually a lever or screw that you use to adjust the door. Test the door with different limits, until it opens and shuts correctly. 

Check For Mechanical Failures

Have none of the above tips solved the problem? Then the next step is to check for a mechanical failure in the garage door opener unit. If the unit sounds as though it’s running, you may find that the main gear drive has broken and needs replacing. If you see the trolley drive moving, then one of the carriage drive components will need replacing. If you attempt to use the opener and nothing happens, then the circuit board is most likely broken.

If you’re dealing with any of these problems, the best thing to do is talk to a garage door opener repair service. They’ll be able to repair for you, and get your garage door moving again. 

Ensure Your Garage Door Springs Are Working

Now you’ve ruled out everything with the garage door opener, take a look at the garage door itself. Firstly, let’s look at the springs. These are what give the door the tension it needs to open up. When they’re wound correctly and within their average lifespan, they should be working correctly. However, springs will wear out over time. They become looser, and won’t be able to open the door. 

The best way to test the springs is by opening the door manually halfway, and then releasing it. Does the door slide shut again? That’s a sign that the door springs need to be replaced. This can be a dangerous job, so again you may want to talk to a repair service to help you. 

Check The Tracks And Rails

If nothing else is working, check the tracks and rails on your garage door. These are what it travels along, and if there’s an issue the door can stick. A bend in the track, for example, will cause issues and will need to be straightened out. If you’re hearing squealing and squeaking noises, that’s a sign that the moving parts need to be lubricated. 

These tips will help you solve most problems when it comes to your garage door opener. If you’re still not able to open it, it’s best to talk to a repair service to diagnose the problem.

Now that you know how to repair a garage door opener, you can address any issues that may need attention throughout the years. While some issues can be fixed on your own, others might require a professional. If this is the case, you can contact a garage door service company near you and schedule an appointment.

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