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Patio Door Security Gate for Residential Applications

Patio Door Security Gate for Residential Applications

There are a few things you can do to improve the security of your home. We often write about the security features available for garage doors, driveway gates, and side yard gates, but today we thought we would explore a different area of the home.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at the patio door security gate for residential applications.

Patio Door Security Gate for Residential Applications

Your patio doors let light into your home, and allow you to bring the outdoors in on a sunny day.

As wonderful as they are, the problem is that they offer a lot of opportunities to would-be burglars. How do you secure your patio doors from anyone who wants to come in?

There are a few things to consider when shopping for a patio door security gate for residential applications, so we thought we would take a closer look.

Why Are Your Patio Doors A Security Risk?

You need to understand what it is about your patio doors that make them such a tempting proposition for burglars in your area. Here are just a few reasons they need to be secured:

They have simple latches: When you lock up your door you’ll feel as though you’ve done your part in keeping the house secure. Even if you do remember to lock up, the door isn’t as entry proof as you’d think. The locks are often very simple, and someone with only a little know-how could get it open in minutes. Getting extra locks or latches for your patio door goes a long way.

They’re secluded: More often than not, your patio doors are at the back of your house, where they aren’t overlooked by anyone. That makes them the perfect entry point for a thief, as they can work on getting the door open without anyone spotting them.

They show off everything: When you’re home, those patio doors let all the light in, and let you see the garden from your living room. When you’re not home, they function as a shop window, showing off everything that’s in your home. It’s tempting for a burglar to try and get in when they can see there’s something worth having on the other side. This is why many homeowners choose to pull drapes or window coverings over the doors when they’re not home.

They’re more delicate than other doors: Your front door will be made of wood or PVC and will have steel bolts and other security measures that make them harder to break in through. Your patio doors are less secure, as they’re mostly glass. You can get glass that’s tougher to break, but a determined thief can easily break the glass and get in if they don’t mind making noise.

Why You Should Invest In Patio Door Security Gates

These points are worrying for any homeowner with patio doors. You thought you were keeping your home secure when you locked them up, but they’re not as tough as you think they are. What are you doing to do to keep your home safe?

More and more people are turning to security gates as a solution. These gates are designed to swing over your patio doors, and lock shut in front of them. They offer extra security in the form of more locks that need to be got through before someone can enter your home. They also make it harder for them to break the glass, as it blocks access to the doors.

They’re well worth considering as often, adding extra locks to your patio doors will invalidate the warranty. If you’ve just had the doors installed, then, of course, you won’t want to do that. Adding a security gate adds those locks without affecting the doors themselves.

Finally, you can get security doors in all kinds of styles. Whether you want a modern style grille or a wrought iron style security gate, you’ll be able to get something that suits the style of your home. Just because you’re adding extra security, doesn’t mean that you can’t be extra stylish in the meantime.

Extra Security Measures

Adding security gates to your patio doors is the best way to keep them secure. If you have them installed though, it’s always worth adding extra security measures too, if you can. The more you add, the harder it’ll be to get through the doors.

Security lights: As mentioned earlier, it’s easy for thieves to get in through your doors unnoticed, as they’re often at the back of the house. If you add lights, it will go a long way towards putting them off. Lights illuminate them and make them easy to identify, so they’re a great option. Try motion sensor lights that will light up as soon as anyone walks in range, so they’ll act as a very good deterrent.

Extra locks: Patio door locks really are easier to get into than you’d think. Of course, with a security gate on your doors, there’s an extra lock in place that’s guarding them. However, an extra lock on the door itself is often a very good idea. Be sure that this won’t invalidate your warranty though before you install it.

Block the view: If no one can see into your home through the patio doors, then there’s less to tempt them to try and get in. There are several different ways you can block that view when you’re not home. Many like to buy privacy film, that sticks to the glass and creates a ‘frosted’ effect. These are good as they still allow light in, but you can’t see in from outside. There are also drapes and blinds if you want a more permanent solution.

Block the track: If you have sliding patio doors, there’s a very simple device you can implement to make it much harder for anyone to get your door open. Usually, when you open your door you slide it along the tracks. You can buy an adjustable bar that can be extended to fir your door and then slipped into the tracks. This stops the door from opening, even if the lock itself has been opened.


Installing a solid patio door security gate for residential applications can seem like a big job, but doing so will enhance your security and ensure you’re safe from break-ins.

Security gates are the most foolproof way to keep your patio doors secure when you’re not home. They look good, come in a variety of styles, and will offer another layer of security to your doors. Pair them up with other security measures, such as a security light, and your home will be safer than it ever has been before.

As always, we encourage you to take the time to improve the security of your home, including the security of your patio, garage, and backyard.

Photo by Darko Pribeg

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