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Rustic Garage Door Styles That Won’t Break The Bank

Rustic Garage Door Styles

Is it time to change out your garage door? There are so many different styles to choose from right now, it’s hard to know which one is right for your home. Rustic garage door styles are having a ‘moment,’ as they’re more versatile and affordable than you’d think. Here are some of the styles that you can have installed in your home.  

Why Go With A Rustic Garage Door? 

Firstly, you need to consider whether a rustic garage door is what you’re looking for. What is it about the look that speaks to you?  

Increase your home’s curb appealOne of the best things about a rustic garage door styles is the fact that it looks so good. Typically, they’re custom made, so you’ll have a door that’s made with your home’s style in mind. That’s more than you can get with an off-the-shelf steel or aluminum door. Increased curb appeal will of course help you sell your home, although you don’t have to be thinking of selling in order to get a better looking garage door.  

Increase the property value: Of course, if you are looking at selling your home, then you’ll want to find ways to increase your home’s value. Changing out your garage door to a rustic style door will help bump up the price, as it makes the exterior of your property all the more attractive. In some cases, you can recoup up to 95% of the value of the door when you sell your home. That’s something to consider if you’re thinking of moving house.   

Get a door with more personality: Everything about your home should speak to you, and show the world who you are. Steel and aluminum doors are great for utility, but looks wise, they’re not all that exciting. When you have a rustic style garage door though, you’ll have a style that’s made with you in mind. It won’t look quite the same as anyone else’s, and that’s always what you want for your home.   

Better for the environment: Many homeowners now are looking to make renovations while impacting the planet as little as possible. That’s something you have to consider when you’re planning a new garage door installation. Overall, rustic garage door styles are better than other styles, as wood is a renewable resource. It also takes less materials to make overall, so it’s the best option for you.  

How To Incorporate Rustic Garage Door Styles Into Your Existing Design 

So you’ve seen there are plenty of advantages to using rustic garage door styles when you replace your garage door. Some though may feel that the look won’t match up with the architectural style of their existing home. A rustic garage door will be more flexible than you’d think, though. Here are some ways you can incorporate it into the home’s design.   

Go with carriage-style garage doors: These are a classic garage door design for a reason. The solid timber doors with windows in the top give you that hint of old-world appeal, without feeling out of place on your home’s exterior.   

When you look at these doors, they’ll look as though they should just swing open from the middle. Many modern carriage-style garage doors will open just like a regular overhead door, though. That gives you the best of both worlds, so you can get the best look with the best functionality.   

Use color to make a statement: Your garage door doesn’t have to blend in with the rest of the house if you don’t want it to. Some homeowners like to adjust the colors in order to create contrast and visual interest.  

For example, you can have a dark color on your garage doors, to contrast against a light-colored house. This makes them the focal point of the building, and when you choose colors carefully, it works well. Having the option to use color opens up a world of possibility when it comes to your garage door, too. You can always have the natural grain showing through in a stain, but you also have the option to paint them and make them look exciting.  

Add in hardware to pull the look together: There’s a whole world of additional hardware that you can use with rustic garage door styles, so you can get just the look that you want. You can add decorative hinge fronts, latches, handles, and so on.  

Many people don’t think to add these, but it is amazing how much of a difference they can make. They give the door that special finishing touch, pulling the look together. If you’ve opted for carriage-style doors, they can also be used to enhance the illusion of a swinging door further.   

Use a different or unusual design: When it comes to garage doors, it can feel as though you’re restricted to only a few options. When you go with a rustic style garage door though, a lot more options open up to you. As these doors are usually custom-built for your home, you can pick out designs that work for you.   

For example, there are lots of unique ways a door’s panels, materials, windows, or colors can be customized. You can pick something that speaks to you, and that no one else on your street has. It also allows you to make the garage door feel more modern if you have a modern-styled home.  

Pick from a wider array of styles: Overall, a rustic style garage door actually opens up the number of styles you can choose from, rather than limiting them. If you’re not impressed with the styles that you’ve been finding online, then perhaps a rustic-style garage door will be right for you.  

There are so many different ways you can style a rustic style garage door, and get the look you want. Start shopping around now to find out what you can get. Create something unique, that no one else has. You can talk to your local garage door installer to see what’s available.  

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