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7 Residential Garage Door Styles

residential garage door styles

There are several residential garage door styles available to homeowners. Whether you’re interested in replacing an old garage door, adopt a new style, or you’re building a new house, you may want to take a look at your options.

In this article, we’re exploring several residential garage door styles to keep in mind before you purchase.

Residential Garage Door Styles

Is it time to replace your garage door?

Over time garage doors age, and even if you maintained them well they will eventually need replacing. If you’re in the market for a new door, you need to find the right style. The right style will fit in with your home, and add to the curb appeal.

Here are several residential garage door styles for your consideration.

1. Modern Farmhouse

As a look, this one is very versatile for homeowners. The modern farmhouse uses a look that is usually all white, with a black or natural wood trim. You’ll also find lots of windows, along with a covered porch. 

To go with your modern farmhouse, the best garage door for you is a carriage-style door. These have the look of a barn door, often using accents like magnetic handles and hinges to complete the look. You can also go for full side hinge opening doors too if you want to go all out. These are usually one solid color, although some homeowners choose to add accent colors to match their homes. 

2. Contemporary

If you have a contemporary-styled home, then you need a garage door to match. It’s an eye-catching style, often using unusual design choices. Your garage door will need to match style choices like asymmetric design and clean lines. 

As such, it’s not too hard to find a garage door that gives you what you’re looking for. You can go for a more unusual look, as it will pay off on a contemporary home. A smooth and minimalist garage door world work here, as well as one with textured wood planks. 

3. Craftsman

The Craftsman is another highly popular style of home, giving you a covered front porch along with support columns and a mixed brick and stone facade. These exteriors give you a lot of scope when it comes to the style of garage door you can have. 

For example, you can try a carriage house door, raised or recess panels, or full aluminum doors. As the Craftsman is such a versatile style, you can use any of these door types and improve your curb appeal. 

4. Tudor

This is a style that has been around for a long time, as it gives your home real old-world charm. They use stucco exteriors, along with decorative half-timbering to replicate a Medieval or Renaissance style. When choosing a garage door, you’ll want to find one that goes along with the look of these doors. 

For example, carriage house doors work well with these styles. They look especially good when windows are added to the tops of the doors, too. 

5. Ranch

This is probably the most popular home style in the US right now. This offers you a single level home, with open living layouts that are very much the trend now in home design. It’s another style that’s very adaptable, and you can create whatever look you want. 

For example, you can keep things subtle with a contemporary carriage door design, or you can make things more contemporary with a modern planked design. 

6. Colonial

A Colonial home has a symmetrical design and a rectangular shape. They’re designed to be simple, and so your choice of garage door needs to reflect that. 

Picking a simple, classic style will look best with your Colonial home, blending in with it as if it were always there. The key is to go with a more pared-down look, that’s designed to blend in rather than stand out. 

7. Mediterranean

The Mediterranean look is one that’s most popular in Southern California and the Southwest. It uses plaster or stucco exteriors, with tiled roofs to complete the look. 

With these homes, wooden garage doors will always look best. You have a good range of wooden doors to choose from, although you can go for a faux wood-tone too. This gives you the look of wood, without the upkeep associated with it. 

Picking The Right Garage Door For Your Home

If you looking for the right garage door, there are going to be some more things to consider as well as your home’s style. Here’s what you need to keep in mind as you shop around. 

Garage door materials: There are all kinds of materials that a garage door can be made from. For example, they can be steel, aluminum, wood, and more. You need to consider what material works best for you. Wood looks fantastic but does need upkeep. Aluminum won’t give you the same look, but it’s very easy to care for. 

Costs: Each garage door is going to have different costs associated with it. Think about what your budget will be here. In some cases, this will affect what kind of garage door you go for. 

Opening style: As well as the materials, think about how the garage door will open. What do you want from your door? Many go for a simple up-and-over style, while the side-hinged door is becoming more popular. What you get will depend on you and the style of your home. 

Maintenance needs: All different garage door styles have different maintenance needs. An aluminum door takes very little maintenance, although you will need to repair it if it gets dents. A wooden door will need to be painted or sealed periodically. How much work do you want to do on your garage door?

Additional extras: What kind of extras do you want on your garage door? You can add windows for example, although you should take care of their style and placement to help with garage security. There’s also the option of adding decorative hardware, too. 

There are so many options when it comes to your new garage door. Keep the style of your home in mind, as well as any needs you have as to security and maintenance. Your new garage door will help add to the style of your home, making it look amazing. 

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