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Garage Door Opening Styles: Which is Right for You?

Garage Door Opening Styles

Looking to buy a new garage door opener?

Maybe the one you have has broken down, or you want to add one to your current garage door set up. Whatever you need, you’ll find there are several different styles of garage door opener available.

Which one should you choose for your garage door? Here’s your guide to all the garage door opening styles out there, and which one will work for you. 

Before You Start Shopping

Before you start looking at new garage door openers, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions about what you need. What do you need your opener to do?

Here are some things you’ll need to consider before selecting from the many garage door opening styles.

Where do I want to install the opener? Firstly, consider where you want the opener to go. Some prefer to have it on the ceiling, as it keeps it up and out of the way. Others may want it on the wall, as the ceiling may not have enough clearance, or they want to use it for storage. Which would work better for you?

How much noise do I want to deal with? When opening your garage door, there’s always going to be some noise. When selecting a garage door opener, you’ll need to consider how much noise you want to deal with. If your garage is attached to your home, or very close by to your neighbors, you’ll want something that’s quieter. If your garage isn’t near the home, then you may choose something that’s known for making more noise. 

How much do I want to pay? Different garage door openers will, of course, different amounts. When you start shopping, you’ll have to consider what your budget is. This will be affected by the other needs you have from your opener. For example, if you want something quieter, it may well cost more. Keep that in mind when you’re looking around. 

How much maintenance do I want to do? All garage door openers will require some amount of maintenance. You will need to check it when you do regular garage door tune-ups on your garage door, and do repairs should it need it. How much time do you want to spend maintaining the opener? This will affect the type that you buy. 

Do I want other add ons with my opener? There are lots of different features you can get with a garage door opener. For example, you can have battery backup, which ensures the opener will work if there’s a power outage. Keyless entry using your phone is another popular feature. You can also add safety and security features, such as safety sensors and overhead lights. Do you want any of these for your garage?

What do I already have? You may already have a garage door opener in your home right now. What is already there, and do you like how it works? If so, then you can go ahead and buy the same style again. If not though, look into the other styles out there and see what works for you. 

Garage Door Opener Styles

Now you have an idea of what you’re looking for, you can now decide on the garage door opener style you want. Here are some of the most common styles out there, and which ones may be best for you. 

Chain Drive

This is one of the most common garage door openers out there. It’s popular as it’s more inexpensive than other methods, but works just as well. They use a bicycle-style chain to pull the garage door up and let it down when you use it. They do make more noise than other styles, so you’ll need to consider this when you get one. Also, they may need more maintenance than other openers on the market. 

Belt Drive

This garage door opener works in a very similar way to the chain drive. Instead of a chain though, it uses a rubber belt in the mechanism. This makes it much quieter, so it’s a great option if you need a less noisy opener than the one you already have. They don’t need quite as much maintenance either, although you will need to keep an eye on them to ensure they’re in top operating condition. 

Screw Drive

This garage door opener sits on the ceiling, but instead of a belt uses a long rod that’s threaded like a screw. When it opens or closes the garage door, it turns in the mechanism to do so. They’re a popular option for heavier garage doors, as they can carry more weight. They are also much easier to maintain, as they have fewer moving parts. 

Wall Mounted

This is the option for you if you can’t place a garage door opener on your ceiling. They’re also known as jackshaft openers and have several benefits. They don’t make as much vibration when they operate, so they’re quieter. They also don’t need a ceiling-mounted electrical outlet, so you won’t have to look into having a new one installed. 

Smart Garage Door Opener

This is the newest innovation in garage door openers, and could well be for you. These come with a range of features that you can put to good use. For example, you can access the door’s status from wherever you are, so you can see if it’s open or closed from your phone. You can open it from wherever you are too, perfect for accepting packages when you’re not home. If you already have smart home devices in your home, the opener will link up with your smart hub. This can all be controlled with an app on your phone, making it so easy to use. 


When it comes to garage door openers, there’s more out there that you may even be aware of. Take your time and look into all the different styles out there. You’ll soon find something that will work perfectly with your home and needs. Work with a garage door team to install it, and you’ll be ready to go. 

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