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How to Get a New Garage Door Opener

How to Get a New Garage Door Opener

If your garage door opener isn’t working properly or you’re interested in updating an old unit, you will need to consider a few key points of interest before deciding on which garage door opener to purchase.

In this article, you will discover how to get a new garage door opener.

How To Get A New Garage Door Opener

Are you in need of a new garage door opener?

The one you have has broken down or is just getting on in years and needs replacing. If there’s a problem with it, then you can replace it more easily than you’d think. Use these tips to find the best garage door opener and get it replaced as soon as possible. 

Here’s how to get a new garage door opener.

Look At Your Existing Garage Set Up

Before you do anything else, take a look at your existing garage set up. The way your garage works now will affect the type of garage door opener you buy. For example, if you have a garage door opener that sits on the ceiling and that works for you, you’ll look for a similar model. If you’re not happy with the way your current opener works though, you can look into different models. 

For example, if you like to use the ceiling for storage, or don’t have enough clearance, you can choose a wall-mounted type. If you’re not that handy and don’t do lots of work to the garage door to make it operational, you can look for a model that needs less maintenance. 

If you’re not sure, you can always talk to a garage door maintenance team. They can give you tips on finding the right model, and even help you acquire and install it. 

Consider Opener Types

Once you’ve assessed your needs, you’ll need to consider the different types of garage door openers. There are multiple different types, and they all have different advantages. Here are a few that you can consider:

Chain drive: These ceiling mounted garage door openers use a chain that pulls the garage door open. They’re a very popular option as they’re very affordable, so you’ll see them in a lot of garages. They are noisy though, so you’ll need to keep that in mind if you choose one. 

Belt drive: This is another common opener type. It works in much the same way as the chain drive, but it uses a rubber belt instead. Because of this, they’re a lot quieter to operate. 

Wall-mounted openers: These are often referred to as jackshaft openers too, so keep an eye out for them when you’re shopping around. These sit on the wall rather than on the ceiling, so you can still have an opener if you don’t have clearance on the ceiling. 

Screw drive opener: These are a popular opener for those who want something low maintenance. It sits on the ceiling, and a long threaded rod will screw and unscrew in order to open your door. 

Direct drive openers: These are the quietest garage door openers out there. They have a stationary chain in a rail, and the only moving part is in the motor carriage. If you’re concerned about noise, they’re a great option for you. 

There’s lots more out there too, so do your research and see which one suits your garage best. 

Pick the Right Size Opener For Your Door

The size of your garage door will affect the opener you buy. The general rule is the larger your garage door, the more powerful your opener will need to be. For example, if you have a single garage door a ½ hp or 1/3 hp opener will be more than enough to handle it. If you have a double garage door, you’ll need a ½ hp or ¾ hp opener. If it has wood or a wood style overlay, you’ll need the more powerful openers as those doors can be heavy. Again, it’s a good idea to talk to a garage door team, as they can advise you on the right opener for you. 

Think About Any Extras You Need

As well as your garage door opener, you’ll need to think about any extras or features that you may need. Every home and family is different, so consider what you may need from your garage door opener.

For example, you may want a keypad installed on the garage that will open the door for you, as well as the remotes. These are perfect for letting kids get into the house when they come home even if they don’t have a key. They’re also great for deliveries, as they can be left inside the garage when you’re not there. 

You can also buy smart garage door openers. These are controlled via your phone and can offer all kinds of benefits. You can also add extra security features on some models, like lights that come on when you use the opener. Have a look and see what works for you.  

Have A Budget In Mind

Of course, you’ll need to have a budget in mind when looking for garage door openers. Some cost more than others, and that will affect the one you buy. Which one is the best one for you? When you start looking, take note of prices and you can start creating a budget that suits you. 

Check And Maintain Your Current Garage Door

Before installing a new garage door opener, you’ll need to check and maintain your garage door. If the opener is to work perfectly, the garage door itself is in perfect condition. Lubricate all moving parts, and check for damage, especially in the springs. Also, test the balance of the door, as this will affect how it works, too. 

Talk to the Experts

Once you’re ready, it’s time to contact the professionals to install your garage door opener. There are lots of guides online that show you how to install them, but they are a complex job if you’re not experienced. A good team will ensure that you have the right opener, and install it correctly and safely for you. 

If you’re interested, take a look at our garage door opener installation tips to get started.


With all these tips, you’ll be able to find just the right garage door opener for you. There’s a lot of choices out there, so take your time and talk to the experts. When you’re done, you’ll have an opener that makes everyday life so much easier for you. 


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