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Garage Door Repair Costs and How to Get an Estimate

garage door repair costs

Garage door repair often requires a professional service provider. If you’re curious to learn more about some of the more common garage door repair costs associated with the services, take a look below to get started.

The numbers included below are estimates and may differ depending on your location and the service provider. For more accurate garage door repair costs, contact us and request an estimate.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most common garage door repair costs as well as how to get an estimate.

Common Garage Door Repair Costs

Your garage door is something that’s in use every day. As you go in and out every day, the door is in use and as such, parts will eventually wear out. As well as wearing damage, there may be accidental damage to it or weather damage such as denting from hail. If the garage door needs repairs, how much is that going to cost you?

Here are some common garage door repair costs, so you can be ready for them. 

Repair Costs For Different Garage Door Types

Repair costs won’t be the same for every repair. The price you pay will depend on many factors. Firstly, you’ll see different repair companies offer different repair costs, so you’ll need to decide on which one to use. Plus, the type of repair you need will affect costs too. 

One of the major differences is in the type of garage door you have. The materials and type of door will affect how much you need to spend. 

On average, you can expect to spend $128 repairing a sectional garage door. Carriage-style doors will cost $133, while a one-panel door costs around $172. 

The materials used in constructing the door will affect pricing too. Wood is commonly the most expensive to repair, with prices averaging around $190 to $215. This is because as well as repair, the cost of painting needs to be factored in. 

Aluminum doors will cost around $176 to $200 for repairs. As they are rust-resistant and sturdier than other door types, you should find you’ll need to repair it less often. The same goes for fiberglass. It’s an incredibly sturdy material, that resists drastic changes in temperature and so normally won’t split. If you do need to repair fiberglass, expect to spend $148 to $165. If you have a steel door, again they can take a lot of damage without issue, but they can succumb to rust. These will cost around $135 to $155 to repair. 

Common Repair Costs

Your repair costs will also be dependent on the type of garage door repair you need. Your garage door is made up of many different parts. The price you pay will depend on what needs to be repaired or replaced. 

Broken glass: If you have glass panels in your garage door, then they are at risk of being broken by storms or a misaimed football. These aren’t too expensive to replace though. The glass can cost around $25, while the fitting will cost $75 on average. 

Bent tracks: You’ll know your tracks are bent if the door is making squealing noises when you use it. In some cases, the door won’t be able to move or will get stuck halfway. To have a professional straighten the tracks out, it costs $125 to $150 on average. 

Broken or damaged circuit boards: The circuit board in your garage door opener will control the commands for the door to open and shut. If this breaks, you won’t be able to use the door opener at all. To repair this, you’ll pay around $100. This cost does include the reprogramming of any remotes you have. 

Broken garage door springs: The garage door spring is what gives your door the tension needed to open and close. They do wear out over time, and so they’ll need to be replaced. This is usually best done by a professional, and will cost anywhere from $50 to $300, depending on the spring type, and whether one or both springs need to be replaced. 

Broken cables: With some garage door springs, the cables are needed to hold them in place. These too can wear out over time, so they need replacing. This usually costs around $150 to $200. 

Misaligned sensors: Your sensors are an important part of the garage door, as they stop it from shutting if anything is in its path. If the sensors are misaligned, then the door won’t be able to shut. The repair for this runs from around $50 to $75. 

Are DIY Repairs Worth It?

Now you’ve seen some average prices, you’ll be wondering whether you can do some of these repairs on your own. After all, if you DIY the job, you can save some money, right?

Yes, and no. Before attempting any repair job on your garage door, you have to be honest with yourself about your skills. If you are highly experienced, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to make a repair yourself, and so save yourself the cost of the labor needed. However, most homeowners won’t be that experienced, and so it’s much better to pay for an expert to handle the repair for you. If you attempt it yourself and make mistakes, you’ll end up spending more on having it fixed. 

Also, there are safety considerations. Repairing a garage door is a dangerous job in many situations. Take the springs, for example. They hold a lot of tension, and if they aren’t properly loosened they can fly away at speed. That’s going to cause damage in your garage at best, and personal injury at worst. Experts are well experienced in these repairs, so you won’t have to worry about safety in these instances. 

Be aware that in some cases, you won’t need to do a full repair, but simply some troubleshooting to correct an issue with your door. For example, it’s quite simple to realign your garage door sensors with a level and some string. You can also solve many noisy door complaints by cleaning out the tracks or lubricating the moving parts

In a minor amount of cases, DIY repairs will save you some money. However, if you’re at all unsure, it’s always best to pay the extra cash and call in repair experts. 

Now you have a good idea of what your garage door repairs will cost you. Be aware that these are average prices, and yours may differ depending on your needs. You do have a budget in mind now though, so you won’t be surprised by any repair prices you need to pay. 

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