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Why Are Garage Door Springs Dangerous?

homeowner standing by garage door, wondering why are garage door springs dangerous

Why are garage door springs dangerous? Garage door springs are dangerous because they are under high tension and can snap unexpectedly, causing serious injury or even death. The energy stored in these springs is significant, and if they fail during installation or repair, they can be released suddenly and forcefully. Therefore, handling and replacement should […]

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What Causes a Garage Door Spring to Break?

what causes a garage door spring to break

What causes a garage door spring to break? Garage door springs break primarily due to wear and tear from daily use. Other common causes include rust development, incorrect springs for the door’s weight, lack of maintenance, temperature fluctuations causing metal fatigue, poor quality springs, and improper installation, leading to uneven tension. Recognizing these factors early […]

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What Are the Reasons for Garage Door Repair?

man assessing garage door, wondering what are the reasons for garage door repair?

What are the reasons for garage door repair? The reasons for garage door repair often include wear and tear on mechanical components such as broken springs and worn cables, alignment issues like misaligned tracks, operational faults in openers and remotes, structural damage to panels, weather seal deterioration, and electrical problems. Regular maintenance can prevent some […]

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Why is My Garage Door Shaking When Closing?

man watching garage door shaking when closing

Is your garage door shaking when closing? Garage doors shaking when closing can indicate underlying issues. This common problem often arises from mechanical faults, misalignment, or wear and tear. Addressing it promptly can prevent further damage and ensure safe, smooth operation. Discovering your garage door shaking when closing is an unsettling experience and could signify […]

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What to Do if Garage Door Jerks When Opening

man watching as garage door jerks when opening

If your garage door jerks when opening, there may be complications in the track alignment, deteriorating rollers, or faults in the opener mechanism. This jerking motion hinders smooth operation and signals potential safety risks. Timely maintenance or repair is essential to address these concerns and ensure the garage door operates smoothly and safely for everyday […]

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