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How to Fix Broken Garage Door Correctly


How to Fix Broken Garage Door

If you want to avoid having to fix a broken garage door multiple times, it’s important you understand how to fix a broken garage door correctly.

In this article, we’re taking a close look at how to fix broken garage door correctly so you’re prepared to repair a problem the first time around.

How to Fix A Broken Garage Door Correctly

When your garage door is working as it should, you won’t even think about it. You’ll use it to go in and out of your garage without having to worry about a thing. However, if it does break down you need to fix it, quickly. You won’t be able to get in and out, but it will also be a security concern. Here’s how to fix a broken garage door correctly, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down again. 

The best way to fix your garage door is to identify what has caused the problem with it in the first place. Here are some of the common ways your garage door can break, and how to fix it

Garage Door Opener Won’t Work

The first issue you may have with your garage door is that the garage door opener may stop working. This is what you use to be able to get in and out of the garage door without having to leave your car. If the door won’t open when you press the button on your remote though, what do you do?

There are several reasons why this may be happening. Firstly, check the batteries in your remote. You could simply need to change them. Also, check to see if the opener has been unplugged. It may have been disconnected while you do other maintenance on the door, or it could simply have been knocked loose. 

There are also some mechanical reasons why this is happening. Check the garage door lock, as it could be manually locked stopping it from opening. Also, take a look at the garage door springs. If they’re showing signs of wear, then they’ll need to be replaced as they won’t have the tension needed to open the door. 

If you aren’t able to pinpoint why the door isn’t opening, you’ll need to call on a garage door service to come and take a look at it for you. 

The Garage Door Springs Are Broken Or Worn

Let’s talk more about the garage door springs, as they’re often a big issue with garage doors. If you’re not sure if they’re wearing out, test the balance of your garage door. Unplug your automatic garage door opener, and open the door halfway. Stand back, and see if it stays open. If it does, then the springs are working as they should. If it slides down again, you’ll need to replace your garage door springs.

In many cases, it’s best to call a professional, as springs hold a lot of tension and are potentially unsafe, even when they’re wearing out. If you’re confident though, you can replace them. You’ll need to use unwinding bars to take them off your door, and use them to wind up your new springs. Once you’ve done that, lubricate your new springs and test the door again. You may need to do a few small adjustments to them to get them working as they should, but then you’ll be good to go. 

The Garage Door Keeps Auto Reversing

Your automatic garage door opener will come with an auto-reverse feature, designed to keep you safe. If it senses that there’s something under the door, it will stop and open again to ensure nothing closes on the blockage. If this is happening when there’s nothing in the way through, it’s going to be a problem. 

There are two main reasons why this is happening. Firstly, the limit settings on your garage door opener may be incorrect, so you’ll need to adjust them. Look in the manual to see how the limit is adjusted. Try adjusting it and try the door again. You may need to make several small adjustments until it starts working as it should.

Also, the photo eyes that shine a beam along the bottom of the door may simply be dirty. The beam will be broken if there’s dirt on the lenses, the same way an obstruction would break it. Simply clean them off with a soft cloth in order to get it working again. 

Bent Garage Door Tracks

The garage door tracks are what your garage door travels on when you open or close it. If you’re finding that the door makes squealing or screeching noises as you use it, or that the door isn’t opening and closing evenly, that indicates a problem with the tracks. Most of the time, there will be a small bend in the track that makes it harder to move the door. It’s important you fix it right away, as if left for too long it will actually break the door itself. 

With these bends, the best thing to do is gently tap them out with a piece of wood and a rubber mallet. This should be enough to get that out and have the garage door working again as it should. If the bend is too great, the tracks will need to be replaced. At this point, you will need to call on the experts to help you carry out this repair. 

Sticking Garage Door

Usually, your garage door should open and close smoothly every time you use it. Sometimes though, you’ll see that the door sticks as it moves, moving unevenly. It may even stop halfway when you attempt to use it. It’s worrying, but most of the time it’s a very easy fix. 

This is usually a sign that the garage door needs to be lubricated. Pick up some lithium-based grease for the door, and spray it onto all the moving parts of the garage door. That includes the rollers, hinges, tracks, the lock, the garage door opener chain, and so on. When you do this, the door should open and close again as normal. 

With these repair tips, you should be able to handle any repair job your garage door needs. Keep an eye out for problems, and repair anything that you see going wrong as soon as you can. This will keep your door in the best possible condition.

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