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How To Replace Garage Door Rollers

How To Replace Garage Door Rollers

Your garage door is made up of multiple moving parts, and those parts work hard to open and close your door every day. At some point, you’re going to need to replace some of those parts to keep that door working.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at how to replace garage door rollers.

How To Replace Garage Door Rollers

Your garage door rollers play an important role in the operation of your garage door. Your rollers are what help move your garage door up and down the garage door track effortlessly. Over time, however, garage door rollers may become worn down without proper maintenance.

If this is the case, you’ll notice your garage door isn’t operating with the ease it once did.

In this article, you’re going to learn how to replace garage door rollers and keep your rollers in good condition moving forward.

Inspecting Your Garage Door

You won’t know if you need to replace anything on your garage door until you take a look at it. It’s a very good idea to inspect your garage door regularly, to keep an eye out for wear and tear on the door itself. Inspecting it not only keeps it working in top condition, but also keeps it safe. The more you keep an eye on it, the less chance there is for something to go wrong and accidentally cause injury to you or your family. Here’s what you should be doing when you inspect your door:

Check the springs: The garage door springs provide the tension needed to get that door open when you hit the opener. They also are dangerous if they start to break down, so you need to check on them. Look at the springs themselves. Are they loose or looking worn down? If so, they will need to be replaced. This is a dangerous so we recommend contacting a professional garage door service provider for help.

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Check your rollers: Of course, you’re going to need to check the rollers on your garage door. You want to ensure that there’s no break in the rollers that could be causing problems, and beds or breaks that could lead to buckling panels, and that the roller wheels are actually still spinning, allowing the door to open properly.

Inspect the balance: This will again show you if your springs are in good condition. Unplug the opener, and open the door halfway. If the door ‘sags’ on one side or the door slides shut rather than holding itself open, the springs need to be replaced.

Test the auto reverse: The auto reverse on a garage door opener is an important safety mechanism. You need to test it regularly to ensure it’s working as intended. Take a piece of wood and place it in the path of your garage door. Then, hit the button to shut the door. If the mechanism is working as intended, the door should reverse back just before it hits the wood. If it hits it, or it reverses back too early, then the system will need to be adjusted. Do this by using the garage door opener manual to adjust the sensitivity.

Look at the weather sealing: It’s not just the mechanisms that need to be checked, it’s the sealing too. If your door doesn’t seal properly when it’s shut, then it’s going to leave open gaps between the garage door opening, and the door itself. Not only will this let the elements in, but it’s also an open invitation for pests to start coming in. Check your door by shutting it, and look for any gaps on the inside or outside that could be causing problems.

Check the panels: Finally, look at the garage door panels themselves. Have they started to warp, or are they damaged by hailstorms or user error? You may need to hammer out any dents, to avoid larger problems down the road.

Your Garage Door Rollers

What are the rollers on your garage door, and what do they do? Most garage doors are made up of four or five panels that extend across the width of the door opening. These are attached with hinges, and these hinges have a guide bracket for a roller that rolls in the guide bracket on each side of the door. This, in conjunction with your garage door springs, are what allow your door to open and close smoothly.

There are top, center, and bottom rollers on your garage door. If you inspect your door and see that the bottom rollers need replacing, then it’s best not to handle that job yourself. Instead, call in a professional garage door repair service. This is because these rollers are attached to a spring cable. If these springs were to come loose, they could cause a serious amount of damage and injury, thanks to the tension they hold.

To fix a top or center roller, you’ll first need to close the garage door using the opener. Now, loosen the bolt that holds that bracket onto the door. Once you’ve done that, you can slide the roller out. You’ll then be able to insert the new roller in, according to the instructions that came with the new roller when you bought. Re-tighten the bolt, and then test the garage door to ensure that it opens.

Sometimes you’ll need to replace the hinge set, along with the rollers. The process is very much the same, where you’ll need to remove the old hinges from the door and install the new ones by screwing them in using the guide holes.

Should You Replace Your Own Rollers?

The process described above doesn’t look too difficult, and for some homeowners, it won’t be. It shouldn’t take you too long to do if you’re reasonably experienced in DIY. For others though, it may be too difficult to do. If you’re at all unsure about what to do, it’s best to call the professionals.

This is because as described above, replacing your rollers is dangerous if you’re unsure. Your garage door is capable of causing damage if you mishandle it, and the last thing you want to do is hurt yourself while attempting the fix. The springs hold so much tension, you want to avoid dealing with them if possible. As this is the case, get help if you need to replace the bottom rollers, or you’re just inexperienced and need some help.

With these tips, you’ll be able to replace the rollers on your garage door easily. Check the door regularly, and be sure to call an expert for help with your door, should you need it.

Photo by Patrick Fore

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