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5 Benefits of Modern Style Garage Doors

Modern Style Garage Doors

Garage doors are an essential component of the overall security and aesthetics of your home. They’re integral to limiting access to the residence, but they do so by occupying a rather large portion of the façade, which greatly affects the looks of your home. Because of their importance, garage doors should be well-maintained, which means eventually replacing old out-dated doors.

New garage doors offer many benefits, in addition to security and design, when compared to their old existing counterparts. When deciding to update your garage doors it’s important to understand when and how to have your existing door replaced. Then you must consider whether to do it yourself or have it professionally installed.

What are the benefits of modern style garage doors?

Without a doubt, security and appearance are the two biggest and most obvious benefits of newer garage doors.


Burglars have more difficulty gaining entry into the garage because modern doors are more tamper-resistant than their predecessors. The locks can’t be easily picked, doors can no longer be forced open, and many windows are shatter-resistant. Additionally, the push-button openers of the past have been replaced with smartphone-enabled capabilities.


The garage doors of yesteryear weren’t designed with aesthetics in mind. They were seen only as functional tools. But today doors are making a statement. They’re available in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials to match any décor.

There are three other major benefits of having a modern door:

Increased safety features

In the past, it wasn’t uncommon to hear of pets and children getting stuck under a door that inexplicably slammed shut, or to hear of someone injuring themselves trying to lift the heavy doors open.

New doors are less dangerous than previous models. Safety mechanisms keep them from slamming shut and are triggered to reopen if they touch something while closing. They’re also engineered to feel lighter as they’re opened and closed.

Effective weatherproofing

Older garage doors couldn’t be thoroughly sealed around the edges so rain and water easily penetrated the area. The doors also weren’t insulated so the temperature greatly fluctuated. Water and erratic temperatures, especially heat, damaged equipment and vehicles that were stored for long periods.

Today’s doors offer better protection against the elements. Heavy snows and rains won’t seep through the sides or underneath the door damaging boxes or other materials. And a more stable temperature helps regulate the rest off the house.

Reduced maintenance

Old garage doors are constructed of thinner, less durable materials than the new ones available on the market. Today’s doors are engineered to require less regular maintenance from homeowners. Components like springs, hinges, and panels are intended to function correctly without much human interference at all.

New garage doors require less repairs than older ones, in part simply because they’re new, but also because the materials used today are different. Metals are stronger and resist stress; they don’t rust as quickly or easily as older ones. And there are many coatings available to protect the finish of materials so it’s not necessary to frequently repaint.


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