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Rolling Garage Doors: Securing Your Business

rolling garage doors

As a business owner, it’s important that your business operates smoothly and effectively. Whether you run a business that involves some type of storefront, garage, storage, or parking, you may find rolling garage doors offer the function you need to ensure your business has the security it needs when you’re not there.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at how rolling garage doors benefit business owners of all types.

Rolling Garage Doors and Your Business

As a business owner, you’re always thinking about so many things at once. You’ve got to stay on top of everything, and that means you’re looking for ways to make your job easier. Have you considered changing out your garage doors? Rolling garage doors will bring all kinds of benefits to your business, and make things a lot easier for you. Here’s why you should consider changing your doors.

What Is A Rolling Garage Door?

As a business or homeowner, you’ll be familiar with other styles of garage doors. There are the up and over style, which is the most common style you’ll find on most garages. There are also swinging styles that are becoming popular too, thanks to the aesthetics of them. The rolling garage door is a style designed for business owners and is perfect for any business premises.

These garage doors open by rolling up onto a spool at the top of the door opening. It rolls up a track, and when it’s open it sits coiled around that spool. When the door needs to shut again, it will simply roll back down the tracks and shut the garage.

Saving Space In Your Garages

The main benefit of using a rolling garage door in your garage is that it saves so much space. As it only takes up a small amount of room at the top of the door, it’s going to leave you a lot more space to store items. Regular doors, such as an up and over door, will need more room so that will leave you less space overall.

Most businesses know that space is always at a premium. It’s amazing how much space you need, whether it be for tools, equipment, stock, or anything else that you may need. Having that extra space in your garage is going to be a real boon. If you use your garages mainly for storage, then you really do need to consider a rolling garage door.

More Space For Parking

The space-saving doesn’t just happen inside the garage with rolling garage doors. You’ll also see that you can park your cars as close as you can to rolling doors, without worrying about having space to open them. This is something that’s vital in a busy business parking lot. If you’re always getting cars and trucks coming in and out, then you’ll need all the space you can get to accommodate them.

Having that space is also helpful when you’re thinking about parking, for both staff and customers. It’s so much easier for staff when they can get parked on site. They don’t have to worry about getting parked near work, so they will appreciate being able to always get a space. Customers will also appreciate having the extra space for parking. Having that space makes it easier for them to come to your business, increasing revenue.

Fit To Any Door Space

When buying a garage door, you’ll often find that you’re limited by the style you choose. Up and over and swing doors often need a specific size opening to work. As a busy business owner, you don’t want to be spending time trying to find the right garage door for your garages.

That’s why rolling garage doors are such a boon to business owners. You’ll be able to fit a garage door to almost any opening you need. That’s any size openings, any height, and even archways and other less than regular shapes. You can order rolling garage doors for your business and it will be easier to get them installed.

Ease Of Operation

Once you have your garage door installed, everyone on your staff will need to know how to operate the door. The more moving parts that the door has, the more complicated it will be to open. If you want everyone to get the hang of the door easily, then you’ll need to get a garage door. These are so simple that it’s very easy to get to grips with it.

As they’re so easy to use, that’s one more job off your plate as the owner. Show everyone how to use the door once, and you won’t have to worry about a thing. You’ll save even more time if you decide to automate the door. All your staff will need to do is press a button and the door will open.

On the subject of ease of use, you should know that a rolling garage door is very easy to maintain. You’ll never have to worry about the door breaking down if you have it serviced annually and take care of it.

Extra Security For Your Business

You’re always going to be concerned about your business’s security. You want to do your best to keep it safe and secure from thieves and criminals. One of the best ways you can secure your business is by installing a rolling garage door.

Installing any new garage door will improve your security, as a new door is made to the most up to date manufacturing standards. A rolling garage door is especially secure though, as they are a simple design that offers no easy entry to anyone trying to get in. As they’re metal it’s very difficult to break the door itself. If you automate the door, then it will be even harder to get in. No one will be able to get a door open without a keypad code or remote that uses the right rolling codes.

If you team up your garage doors with other security measures, such as security lights and cameras, then you will have peace of mind that your garages and business is safe.

There are so many reasons why rolling garage doors are the best choice for any business. They’re easy to fit to any door opening, so there’s no worry about getting them fitted. They’re secure, they take up very little space, and they’re easy to use. Look into having a rolling garage door fitted at your business today.

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