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Why is My Garage Door Shaking When Closing?

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Is your garage door shaking when closing? Garage doors shaking when closing can indicate underlying issues. This common problem often arises from mechanical faults, misalignment, or wear and tear. Addressing it promptly can prevent further damage and ensure safe, smooth operation.

Discovering your garage door shaking when closing is an unsettling experience and could signify deeper issues with your garage door system. Neglecting this problem may lead to more significant garage door repairs or pose safety risks.

In this article, we explore the question – why is my garage door shaking when closing?

Why is My Garage Door Shaking When Closing?

A garage door shaking upon closing is a trivial annoyance and a red flag. It often points to issues that can compromise the system’s integrity and safety.

This shaking could be due to imbalance, wear and tear, or mechanical problems. Addressing these issues is crucial to ensure the longevity and safety of your garage door.

So, why is your garage door shaking when closing? Let’s take a closer look.

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Loose or Worn Out Hardware

Loose or worn-out hardware is one of the most common reasons for a garage door shaking when closing. This includes bolts, nuts, and screws that hold the garage door system together.

Over time and with frequent use, these components can loosen, causing the door to become unstable and shake. Additionally, hardware can wear out due to age, environmental factors, or lack of maintenance. Worn hinges, brackets, and tracks can also contribute to this issue.

Regular inspection and tightening of all hardware are essential to maintain the door’s stability. If parts are excessively worn or damaged, they should be replaced promptly.

It’s important to use the correct tools and replacement parts specific to your garage door model to ensure the integrity of the repair and the safety of the operation.

Unbalanced or Misaligned Tracks

Unbalanced or misaligned tracks are another significant factor leading to a garage door shaking when closing.

Tracks guide the rollers and, ultimately, the movement of the door. If they become bent, misaligned, or uneven, the door will not move smoothly, causing it to shake. This misalignment can occur due to impact, improper installation, or natural settling of the house.

It’s crucial to ensure that the tracks are correctly aligned and parallel. An imbalance in the door, often caused by uneven tension in the springs, can also lead to track misalignment. Regular maintenance includes checking the alignment of the tracks and ensuring they are clean and free from debris.

Professional adjustment may be necessary if the tracks are significantly misaligned, as improper handling can worsen the problem.

Faulty or Old Garage Door Opener

A faulty or old garage door opener can also cause your garage door to shake. The opener, responsible for the automated movement of the door, can suffer from wear and tear over time.

Gears within the opener can become stripped, or the motor may start to fail, leading to uneven and jerky movement of the door. Additionally, older models of openers may not have the smooth operation offered by newer technologies.

Regular testing and maintenance of the garage door opener are essential. Listen for unusual noises or erratic movements, common indicators of a problem.

Upgrading to a newer model with advanced features, like smoother start and stop operations, can significantly reduce garage door shaking when closing and provide a more efficient and quiet operation.

Damaged or Worn Rollers

The rollers allow the garage door to move smoothly along the tracks. If these rollers are damaged or worn, they can cause the door to shake.

Over time, rollers can become worn, chipped, or even break, particularly if they are made of plastic or have no ball bearings. Metal rollers can also wear down, become misshapen, or corrode, especially in harsh weather conditions. Inspecting the rollers periodically for signs of wear and lubricating them regularly to ensure smooth movement is important.

If rollers are damaged, they should be replaced immediately to avoid further damage to the tracks and door. Using high-quality rollers can enhance the longevity and performance of your garage door system.

Improperly Tensioned Springs

Garage door springs balance the door’s weight, making it easier to open and close. If these springs are improperly tensioned, it can lead to a garage door shaking when closing.

Springs can lose tension over time or be incorrectly adjusted during installation or maintenance. Springs under too much tension can cause the door to close too quickly and unevenly, while insufficient tension can make the door too heavy for the opener to lift smoothly.

Adjusting garage door springs can be dangerous and should be performed by professionals.

Regular inspection and maintenance by a qualified technician can ensure the springs are correctly tensioned, extending the life of your garage door and ensuring safe operation.

Obstructions in Tracks or Rollers

Obstructions in the tracks or rollers commonly cause garage door shaking when closing. Debris, like stones, dirt, or leaves, can get lodged in the tracks, hindering the smooth movement of the rollers.

In some cases, small objects can become stuck in the rollers themselves. These obstructions can cause the door to move unevenly or jerk, leading to shaking. Regularly cleaning and inspecting the tracks and rollers are essential to prevent this issue.

Remove any debris and clean the tracks with a mild cleaner to ensure they are free of obstructions. Additionally, inspect the condition of the rollers and replace them if they show signs of damage.

Keeping the tracks and rollers clear and in good condition is a simple yet effective way to maintain the smooth operation of your garage door.

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A garage door shaking when closing can be a symptom of various underlying issues, ranging from minor adjustments to significant repairs.

Addressing these problems ensures the smooth operation of your garage door and enhances its lifespan and safety. If you’re experiencing this issue, don’t hesitate to contact Your Garage Door Guys for expert assistance.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and ensure your garage door functions flawlessly.

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