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Wrought Iron Driveway Gates: A Stylish Way to Add Security

Wrought Iron Driveway Gates add style and securityIf you’re looking for a stylish way to add more security to your home or business, consider the benefits of installing wrought iron driveway gates.

Wrought iron gates have been used for centuries to add long-lasting security. Today, homeowners and business owners alike continue to turn to wrought iron gates for their strength, charm, and elegance.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at some of the many benefits so you can make an informed decision whether or not a wrought iron driveway gate is right for you and your property.

Let’s get started.

Wrought Iron Driveway Gates 🛡

Wrought iron is a strong, relatively soft iron compound.

Wrought iron, most literally, means “worked iron” and it was used throughout the Middle Ages to make hardware such as bolts and rivets, horseshoes, pipes, railroad ties, and wagon wheels.

Before steel could be easily produced, wrought iron was the world’s metal of choice. Blacksmiths “worked” the material by heating then forming it by hand using hammers and chisels, leaving the final product with the handspun characteristics we recognize even today.

The last wrought iron plant located within the United States closed its doors in 1969. A few short years later, in 1973, the last one worldwide closed its doors in Great Britain. Its machinery was moved to Ironbridge Gorge Museum for preservation.

The modern equivalent to wrought iron is mild steel, sometimes called low-carbon steel. Steel, like wrought iron, is an iron compound, though it’s a refined version.
Mild steel contains only slightly more carbon than wrought iron so it maintains its malleability. High-carbon steel, on the other hand, is stiffer and more brittle, albeit still very strong.

Wrought iron is now used as a generic term to describe intricate metalwork that looks similar to historic pieces. It’s often applied to ornate metal furniture, gates, fencing, and handrails. True wrought iron products are forged by heat and hand; modern wrought iron is bent or cast into shape.

A Stylish Way to Add Security

Installing a wrought iron gate on your property adds security, and increases curb appeal.

Gates add security by limiting access to your property. They are a deterrent for would-be intruders and keep unauthorized solicitors from entering the premises. Wrought iron gates are especially appealing because they only partially obstruct your view; you, the homeowner, can still see through them to the outside.

Gates also keep pets and children contained on-premises. Small children and pets are prone to accidentally running into the street while chasing after toys. Similarly, gates keep other pets and children from disturbing your own.

Enhanced Curb Appeal 🏡

Wrought iron gates serve as more than just an entry point; they’re a focal point. Wrought iron gates give the property a personal touch; their intricate designs adding to the overall aesthetics of the premises.

Curb appeal is not only great for personal satisfaction, but it’s also good for property values. Design features like these add value to the home because they look and feel luxurious. It’s common for homes with a custom gate to be sold for more than similar homes that don’t have a custom element.

Beautiful Design

The design possibilities are endless when using wrought iron. It can be configured to match the most contemporary or traditional style architecture.

Wrought iron designs are as simple or intricate as your imagination. The basic structure consists of metal posts spaced evenly apart each with a barb at the top. But any manner of symbol or initial can be incorporated into the motif. Common themes include geometric patterns such as repeating circles, or nature motifs like flowers and trees.

Constructing a gate of wrought iron is so versatile, in fact, that other materials can be added to the design. You can find stone and marble accents, or brick or concrete columns.

If you like the look of wrought iron but lack the desire or skill to create your own design that’s okay. Many ready-to-install panels exist. These come in a range of colors, styles, and materials within various price points. Additionally, buying pre-fabricated pieces rather than designing your own can save you lots of money throughout the process.

How to Install A Wrought Iron Gate

The process used to install a wrought iron gate is similar to installing other gates. Most fence and gate companies will install the pieces for you, but it is possible for the knowledgeable homeowner to do it themselves.

Projects like installing a driveway gate usually involve securing a county permit and abiding by certain building codes so make sure to check local ordinances before you start digging. A professional installer will be accustomed to navigating this process and familiar with building codes.

Cost is often a major contributing factor in deciding whether or not to have the gate professionally installed. Chances are, if you purchase a custom gate then the cost of installation will be included in the total estimated price. But professional installation will definitely increase the overall cost of pre-fabricated gates.

For some, installation is an extra cost worth incurring. Installing a gate is a very involved project that can take a lot of time; most homeowners simply don’t have the time, desire, or skills to handle a project of this magnitude. Also, product warranties may not apply to items that weren’t professionally installed.

Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance is an ongoing factor whether you have the gate professionally installed or do it yourself; regular maintenance is essential to its function. Luckily, maintaining a wrought iron gate is pretty straightforward.

It should be cleaned using mild detergent and water about once a month. At that time visually inspect the paint and any moving parts for signs of wear or degradation. Lubrication may need to be applied to the hinges. The gate shouldn’t need frequent repainting either.


Historically, wrought iron products were created by blacksmiths using heat and hand tools. Today, fabricators mimic the classic malleable look using mild steel. Wrought iron gates add safety and increase the aesthetics of your property. They’re available in a range of designs, and you can install them yourself or have it done professionally. Finally, they’re not hard to maintain.

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