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4 Popular Garage Door Types for 2022

Garage Door Types

Interested in updating your garage door this year? After some time even the best doors will need to be replaced, so you’ll want something new and fresh. Plus, a new door will do wonders for your curb appeal. What kind of garage door should you go with? Here are some of the best styles currently available for 2022. 

1. Glazed Garage Doors

This style is one that’s very popular with minimalist homeowners. It gives you both the form and function you’re looking for, blending in seamlessly with the rest of your home. The aesthetics are second to none, and there are lots of benefits to choosing this type of door, too. 

For example, as glazed garage doors use an aluminum frame, they’re very lightweight and easy to use. There’s also no denying that they’re good-looking. The glass in the frame will allow plenty of light into the garage too. You have the option of tinting or frosting the glass too, which will still allow in light and maintain security and privacy, too. 

If you want to go with this option, you’ll need to remember that it isn’t going to be something you can do on a budget. However, paying for professional installation will give you the looks, quality, and insulation that you need. 

2. Steel Garage Door

There are some garage door types that are always going to be classics and never go out of style. A good quality steel garage door is just one of them. These door types are simple, but still look great. Plus, they’re reliable, sturdy, and resistant against almost anything the weather can throw at them. 

There are plenty of different styles of steel doors that you can go with, too. You certainly can go for smooth steel, but some feel that looks like a budget option. Instead, you can have all kinds of embossed panels. These look great, adding some visual interest to the door. 

It’s also worth considering that steel doors are much easier to insulate than they have been in the past. Typically, modern steel doors are created with a layer if polyurethane in the middle, so they keep the temperature in your garage at a reasonable level, all year round. 

3. Farmhouse Style Garage Door

This is another classic style that’s still very much en vogue. If you have a more traditionally styled home, then you’ll want to consider a farmhouse-style door. This lets the garage door blend in with the rest of the home, as well as offers more décor options to up the curb appeal

There are several different features you can include, to get the look that you want. They include arched doorways, partial glazing, dark metal fittings, and more. They all work together to give you that traditional look.

When some people think of traditional garage doors they think they can look outdated, but that isn’t true at all. You can balance out the features to get just the look you’re going for. For example, you can use full timber panels with arched tops to get the classic farmhouse look, or even a steel door with magnetic decorative metal finishes for a more modern take on the idea. 

4. Wooden Trim Garage Doors

This is the style for you if you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly garage door option. When steel and plastic styled doors are so common, a wooden trim door will stand out and help renovate in a more eco-conscious way, too. 

Wood is just as practical as steel or plastic and will give you many of the same advantages. Plus, they allow you to have a number of different finishes. For example, you can use polished boards, brushed boards, natural timber, and more. That gives you the option to go for either a traditional or a modern look, dependent on the style of your home. 

There are so many different ways to use wood for your garage door. It’s especially popular with minimalist homeowners, as the materials work so well with their home exteriors. 

Garage Door Opening Styles

Once you’ve picked a garage door style that works for you, you’ll need to pick an opening style too. These will affect the type of garage door you get overall, so it’s important to think about how that garage door will open. There are several styles to choose from, including:

Swing opening: This is a style that’s often used with traditional barn door garage styles. It looks good and fits in with a traditional-style home. However, you’ll need to consider that they may not work with some garage door openers, and you’ll need the space on your driveway for them to swing open for you. 

Lift opening: This is probably the most common garage door opening style. The garage door is comprised of one whole panel, which is lifted up to open it. A benefit of this is that they’re more cost-effective to install, as well as being space-saving. 

Sliding opening: This is a style to consider if you have a large garage. These doors have one or two panels, which slide to the side in order to open. As they run parallel to the wall, they save a lot of space when they’re open. It’s very convenient, too. 

Sectional opening: This style of opening is newer than others, but it’s one that’s becoming more popular. The door is made up of several interconnected panels, which all slide up onto the ceiling when you open it. Again it saves a lot of space. As it’s a more involved mechanism though, it’s best to have a professional install it for you

These are just a few of the styles of garage doors that are going to be popular this year. If you’ve decided it’s time to change out your garage door, then pick from one of these styles to find a door that’s going to suit your home perfectly. The right style garage door can make all the difference. 

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