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Should You Embrace Amazon Garage Delivery? 

Amazon Garage Delivery

Who hasn’t been home when their Amazon delivery was on its way? It’s a terrible feeling, as you know you’ll either need a neighbor to take it in for you or hope no one takes it off your doorstep. Amazon is taking steps to eradicate this problem, offering their Key by Amazon delivery service. This offers to deliver products directly into your garage. Is this something you should use? 

How Does Amazon Garage Delivery Work? 

Before you decide on Amazon garage delivery, you’ll need to know how it works. The system uses smart tech to allow a driver access to your garage, where they can open the door, place the package inside, and then shut the door again. That allows them to deliver securely, even when you’re not home.  

To use the system, you’ll need to get a MyQ Smart Garage Hub and the linked app. Set the hub up in your garage, and get it connected to your garage door opener. You do this in the same way you would attach it to your remote control. Once it’s all set up, you’ll need to link it to your Amazon account.  

Once you’ve done all this, you’ll be ready to get started. When you place an order at Amazon, you’ll be able to select garage delivery. When your order comes, the driver will be able to open the garage door with their smartphone. Once they’ve done that, the package will be placed inside, the door shut, and they can head off to their next delivery.  

It’s something that promises to be highly helpful to people living in areas covered by the service. Who wouldn’t love to be able to order things from Amazon, knowing that they’ll be safe in your garage? 

Setting Up Your Amazon Garage Delivery 

If you want to set yourself up for Amazon garage delivery, you’ll need the MyQ Smart Hub in order to do so. While it allows Amazon drivers to open the garage door, it also gives you other benefits too. The hub lets you monitor the garage from your smartphone, so you can keep an eye on it, and check for things such as the garage door being left open.  

To install the hub, you’ll need to download the app and use it to walk you through installation. This will help it connect to your home’s WiFi connection via Bluetooth. Then, you need to pair it with the garage door opener. This can take a few tries, apparently as the device tests a different wireless signal every time you attempt it. Once it’s connected, you’re ready to go.  

Additionally, you have the option of connecting your Ring camera to the system, too. That way, you can get a live feed of the delivery driver dropping your package off. You can also get a recording to watch back later.  

When making a purchase on Amazon, link your account to your MyQ app, and you’ll be able to ask for in garage delivery. Then, you’re all done.   

Should You Use Amazon Garage Delivery?  

The big question now is, should you use Amazon Garage Delivery for your packages? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the service.  


No more losing packages: Around 11% of Americans have had packages stolen off their porch, according to studies. That’s way too many packages to be lost to thieves. This service eliminates this, as no one should be able to get into your garage except you and the Amazon driver. If you’ve been hit by porch pirates, that’s something you’ll want to think about.  

Get packages delivered when you’re not there: No one wants to see they have a package coming when they’re out at work or running errands. If you have Amazon garage delivery set up, then you can be sure that you can accept deliveries even when you’re not home. There’s no more being stuck in the house all day waiting for a delivery to show up, which frees you up to do what you need to do.  

Helpful around the holidays: During the holidays, you’re going to be ordering more packages than usual from Amazon. You can’t be home for all of those deliveries, so Amazon garage delivery makes it a lot easier. Just order what you need and pick it up from your garage when you’re ready.  


Only works for Amazon deliveries: One drawback is that of course, this system only works with Amazon deliveries. It does include Amazon groceries and Whole Foods deliveries, but of course, you can’t get any other deliveries this way. There’s no knowing if other delivery services will start offering something similar, but right now it’s just Amazon.  

Security concerns: A very big concern many people have is that you’re letting a stranger into your home, or at least a part of your home. As garages are usually connected to your home, aren’t you putting your home in danger? One reviewer did note they were happier using it, as their garage had no connection to the house. That’s something you’ll need to think about when considering Amazon garage delivery.  

Issues with pets: Something you need to know is that Amazon recommends you don’t get their Key service if you own any pets. They’re concerned about pets escaping when they open the garage door, so be aware of that when you’re considering them.  

Should You Use Amazon Garage Delivery? 

Now you know all the basics of using Amazon Garage Delivery. Now you know all this, should you use it? There are some things that may stop you, such as having pets, or concerns about security. However, many out there are finding it useful, as they no longer have to be home when their deliveries come.  

There are plenty of alternatives out there when it comes to getting your Amazon deliveries. You can, for example, have items sent to the office, or to a neighbor. However, Amazon Key is becoming more and more popular because it offers you a lot of conveniences. It’s something you’ll want to consider if you use Amazon a lot.  

To learn more about garage security and other options click here! 

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