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7 Commercial Garage Door Repair Services

commercial garage door repair services

If you run a business that requires a garage, it’s essential that your garage door works properly. If you run into a problem, it could negatively impact your business.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at some of the most common commercial garage door repair services.

Commercial Garage Door Repair Services

Your commercial garage door has been made to the highest possible standards and is designed to withstand as much pressure as possible. Over time though, there may be issues that pop up. That’s always going to happen, with so many moving parts involved in opening and closing the door. Here are some of the most common commercial garage door repair services you can use if your door isn’t acting as it should. 

Here 7 common commercial garage door repair services.

1. Roller Replacement

Your rollers are what allows your garage door to roll up and down the track, as you open and close It. Over time, they do become more worn out or get moved out of place. This causes the door to roll along the track roughly. If you’re seeing this happen, you’ll need to have the rollers looked at.

In some cases, you may just need the rollers to be manually put back into place. They can be jostled out of position by the vibrations of the door, so this is an easy fix. If they’ve been installed for a while, you’ll see that they become overly flexible or bent, affecting the way to door rolls. If they’re too damaged, they will need to be replaced. An expert can easily do this for you and prolong the life of the garage door. 

2. Cable Replacement


Another important aspect of your garage door is your cables. These are used in the pulley system that opens and closes the door for you. Even if you have the best cables possible, they are going to wear out over time. If the door isn’t opening as it should, you’ll need to ask a garage door repair service to take a look at them for you. 

If the cables are wearing out, they will replace them for you. It’s important that you call an expert to do this for you, rather than trying to do it yourself. This is because they’re an integral part of the system. They can and will cause serious injury if you don’t pay attention to them. If you think there’s a problem with the cable,s get it seen to as soon as possible. 

3. Spring Replacement

Speaking of potentially dangerous parts of your garage door, let’s talk about spring repair. The springs are what give your door the tension it needs to open. Because they hold so much tension, that’s why they become dangerous. They get worn out over time and will eventually snap. If you’re there when that happens, it could fire off and seriously hurt you or anyone else in the vicinity. 

If you’re afraid of this happening, then you’ll need to check your springs regularly. If they’re starting to become loose and look worn out, have them replaced. It’s important to do it now before they snap and are a liability. It’s also vital that you have a professional do this. They look simple to repair yourself, but the risk isn’t worth it. 

4. Hinge Repair And Replacement

If the hinges on your garage door are getting old, you may see the decreased performance in the door as it opens and closes. Are you seeing it stick in place, stutter, or stop when you try and open it? That’s a sign the hinges are becoming warped, twisted or cracked. 

When you call professionals to handle this, they will usually recommend replacing the whole hinge, as opposed to repair. This is because it’s usually cheaper to do, and lets you get more service out of your current garage door. 

5. Garage Door Track Repair

Another reason the garage door is stuttering or not opening is bent tracks. The garage door travels on the tracks, and if they aren’t in the perfect shape it’s going to cause problems. If left long enough, they’ll even damage the garage door. Some try to repair them themselves, but it’s usually best to call on a repair team to help you. 

They will be able to tell you if the tracks can be repaired, or whether they need to be replaced. If the track is bent too much, they will need to be taken out and replaced

6. Replacement Parts

If you find your garage door needs a new part, it’s always best to go through the company that made it for you. They will use the same suppliers to find the matching part that you need. If the part is no longer being made, then they can look for the most similar part, to help you make the repair that you need.

Even better, you can call on them to help you make the repair with that part themselves. That way they’re involved in the whole process, from start to finish. Using the experts will ensure you get the best possible repair, and that your commercial garage door will stay in the best possible condition. 

7. Garage Door Inspections and Tune-Ups

Finally, the most important service and garage door repair team can provide is garage door tune-ups. It’s important to inspect a garage door regularly, checking all the moving parts, and ensuring everything is working as it should. You may want to do this yourself, but it’s hard to ensure that you catch all possible problems. An expert will handle that for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

Once they do the inspection, they’ll also do any repairs that need to be done. That can be anything from lubricating the moving parts to replacing the springs. Once they’ve done all the inspections, your garage door is ready to keep going. It brings you a lot of peace of mind, so its well worth getting them to handle your ongoing repairs. 

These are seven repairs that your local garage door repair team can help you with. Use them to keep your garage door in top condition, keeping it moving and of course, making it safe to use. Talk to your local team now, to see how they can help you with your repairs. 

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