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8 Reasons You Have A Noisy Garage Door

noisy garage door

Do you have a noisy garage door?

There are several reasons garage doors begin making noises, but most can be resolved with a garage door tune-up.

In this article, we’re taking a look at some of the reasons you may have a noisy garage door.

Reasons You Have A Noisy Garage Door

Ideally, your garage door should open and close smoothly, with no noise at all.

However, over time it’s begun to make all kinds of strange noises. It squeaks, rattles, pops and grinds, and the noise is driving you up the wall. That noise is a sign that something is up with the door, and so you’ll need to find the source of the sound. 

Here are 8 reasons you have a noisy garage door.

1. The Door Needs To Be Lubricated

This is the most common reason why your garage door is making noises. If it’s squeaking as you open and close it, this is going to be the culprit. 

Lubricating your garage door is vital, as it helps it ensure the garage door mechanics run smoothly. Whenever you do any garage door maintenance, it’s important that you lubricate all the moving parts. This includes the lock mechanism, the tracks, hinges, rollers, springs, and the top of the rail. 

When you do this, ensure that you use a lithium lubricant that’s designed for garage doors. Plenty of homeowners use sprays like WD40, but it isn’t actually designed to be a lubricant. Ensure you’re picking the right one so you properly lubricate the door. 

2. Worn Out Rollers

Are you hearing a grinding sound when you open or close your garage door?

That’s a sign that the rollers are wearing out. Firstly, try lubricating the rollers. In many cases, this will be enough to get them to be quiet. If the grinding sound persists though, you’ll need to replace those rollers

If you choose to replace the rollers yourself, take care, as garage door repairs are often tricky and pose safety risks if not done correctly. If you’re not sure, always call a professional to handle the job for you. 

Learn more about garage door roller replacement.

3. Loose Hardware

Take a look at your garage door, and you’ll see there’s lots of nuts, bolts, and other hardware holding it all together. They do a good job, but over time the vibration of your garage door can shake them loose. If you’re hearing a rattling, you’ll need to find the source quickly. That’s a sign that something is coming loose and needs to be mended

Take a look at your garage door, and look for any parts that are coming loose. A word of warning though. Never attempt to tighten anything attached to your springs, as they’re very dangerous when handled improperly. If this is the culprit, have a professional handle it for you. 

4. Loose Chain Drive

A loose chain drive is one of the most common reasons people experience a noisy garage door. If your garage door uses a chain drive to open and close, it may have come loose and started creating that noise. Turn your garage door opener off, and take a look to see if this is the case. Check the instruction manual to see how to tighten it

If it doesn’t appear to be loose, try lubricating the chain drive. In some cases, this will be enough to silence the sound of it. 

5. Worn Out Springs

Are you hearing a popping noise when you open or close the garage door? That’s a sign that the torsion springs are wearing out. If you’re hearing this, you need to address this as soon as possible. As mentioned above, springs are highly dangerous. They hold a lot of tension, and if they break they can do some serious damage. If you’re home and hear a loud bang come from the garage, you’ll see that a spring has broken on your door. 

Some are able to repair the springs themselves, but if you’re hearing those popping noises this is the time to call in a professional. They’ll be able to keep you safe and replace those springs before anyone gets hurt.

6. Missing Garage Door Insulation Strip

The insulation strip on the bottom of your garage door is more important than you’d think. It helps keep the weather, and pests, out of your garage. It also helps the garage door close quietly. Are you hearing a loud bang when you close the garage door? Check your insulation strip. It could be damaged, or missing entirely. 

This is easily fixed by replacing the insulation strip on the door. They should be easily picked up at your local hardware store. When you do routine maintenance, always look to see how the insulation is holding up, and replace it as soon as there are signs of damage. 

7. Worn Out Garage Door Hinges

If you’re hearing squeaking, another reason for it could be worn out hinges. You can tell if this is the problem because you’ll see gray dust, or filings, around the hinge. This is a sign they’re beginning to deteriorate.  

If this is happening, it’s time to replace the hinges to stop this from happening. If you’re handy you can do this yourself, or you can have a professional handle it for you. 

8. Bent Tracks

Can you hear a rubbing noise when you open and close the garage door?

That’s a sign that there may be a bend in the tracks it travels on. The door may be working fine for now, but over time that will cause a lot of damage to your door. You’ll be able to tell if this is the case if your door sticks while in transit. You can also take a look at the tracks to see if there any bends in them. 

If the bends are minor, you may be able to tap them out with a rubber mallet. If it’s a significant dent though, those tracks will need to be replaced. 

And there you have it. No matter what kind of noise your garage door is making, you’ll be able to handle it by identifying the source of the problem. If you’re ever unsure, call on a garage door company to help you rectify the problem. 

Next Step

Now that you know some of the reasons that may be responsible for your noisy garage door, you can take the next step. If you’re comfortable working with your garage door, you may be able to resolve the issue on your own.

If you’re not comfortable working with the various garage door parts, you may find it helpful to call a professional garage door service for help.

A professional will assess the issue and fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

If you’re looking for a local garage door service near you, consider calling Your Garage Door Guys today.

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