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How Much Does It Cost To Replace A 2 Car Garage Door?

how much does it cost to replace a 2 car garage door

If you’re wondering how much it would cost to replace a two-car garage door, you might want to talk with a professional garage door service that offers both new garage door sales and garage door installation.

In this article, we’re exploring how much does it cost to replace a 2 car garage door.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A 2 Car Garage Door?

Are you looking to replace your 2 car garage door? There are many different things that you have to take into consideration when you’re looking into a new door.

There are several options to consider, so it’s best to shop around and talk with a professional before making a final decision.

So, how much does it cost to replace a 2 car garage door?

Garage Door Replacement Basics

Firstly, let’s think about what’s involved in replacing your garage door. There are several aspects to the job that will affect the cost

  • Fees and supplies
  • Lock
  • Labor
  • Opener
  • Door and tracks

All these things will come together to affect your final price. The price of a 2 car garage door installation can be anywhere from $600 to $2,750, depending on your home and needs. For example, if you’re saving the existing opener or rails, that will save you some cash. 

Should You Repair Or Replace The Garage Door?

You may be considering replacing the garage door, as your original door needs repairs and you want to see which is more cost effective. It is true that if the garage door needs extensive repairs, it may make more sense to simply replace it instead. This depends on a couple of factors. 

Firstly, you’ll need to weigh the cost of garage door repairs vs. replacement. For example, it may cost $600 to replace the garage door, but the repairs are $350. In this case, it may be worth replacing the door if it’s older. Consider whether you’ll need to do more repairs in the near future, and factor that into your decision. 

Also, consider the age of the door itself. If it’s coming to the end of its lifespan, it makes more sense to replace it, rather than repair it. The average garage door will last for around 20 to 30 years, so if yours if hitting that milestone it’s best to replace it. 

What Affects The Cost Of Your New Garage Door?

There are several different factors that will affect the cost of your garage door. These include:

Location: Where you live will affect pricing. If it’s more expensive to live in your area, the cost of the replacement will be higher too. 

Removal and disposal: This can be anywhere from $25 to $100, but is often included in your quote. 

Materials: There are different options for garage doors, such as aluminum, steel, wood, and so on. What you choose will affect the price. 

Resizing your opening: If you need to make changes to the size of the garage door, that will add more to the price. That can be anywhere from $500 to $5,000. If you’re simply making the opening taller, then this will need less overall work and make it less expensive. 

Hardware replacement: This is things like the bolts, springs, and hinges. If they need to be replaced, it can cost anywhere between $50 to $350. Again though, this will be included in your quote. 

Garage Door Material

You’ll need to decide on a garage door material, and there are several factors at play here. There’s price, as well as looks and durability. For example, a steel door can be $600 and a vinyl door can cost $1,000, but vinyl will be more durable. You’ll need to consider these aspects together.

Manual Or Automatic Garage Door

The next thing to consider is whether you’ll have a manual or automatic garage door installed. Manual garage doors are cheaper overall, as you’ll spend between $600 and $2,150 on them. If you choose to add a garage door opener, then that will make the installation more expensive, adding up to $1,300 to the final cost. Again, if you have a garage door opener already and want to use that, then you will make some savings here. 

Garage door opener installation costs around $225 to $525, and this can be done on both new and existing garage doors. If you need extra garage door remotes, these can cost between $20 to $60 each. 

You may need a new circuit or electrical outlet installed, as you need one to plug the opener into. The new circuit will be somewhere between $500 to $800, while the outlet will run you $100 to $185. 

Customizing Your New Garage Door

As you’re installing a new garage door, you may want to do some customization to make it fit your needs. There are a few different things you can do to make the garage door your own, but again they will affect the price. 

Windows: These add to the overall look of the garage and home exterior, as well as letting in natural light. It’s worth considering if you use the garage often. 

Trim and panels: These are used to customize the look of the garage door. 

Shatterproof glass: This makes your door windows sturdier, so you don’t have to worry about hail or a stray football breaking them. 

Barn door styles: These allow for a more rustic look. 

The more you customize your garage door, the higher the end price will be. Adding a few different options can raise the price by $1,700, while having a totally custom garage door built will bring the price up to $10,000 or more, depending on what you need. 

Garage Door Insulation

Having your garage door insulated will help keep heat in during the winter, bringing down heating bills. There are several different ways this can be done, and each one will affect the price differently: 

Fiberglass: This is a DIY solution that costs around $50 to $100, but has a low to moderate R value. 

Polystyrene: This costs $100 – $200, and adds a moderate R value and some sound dampening. 

Polyurethane: This is the most expensive option at $200 to $500, but it gives a high R value, structural support and sound dampening. 

There are lots of things at play when pricing up your new 2 car garage door. Materials, garage door openers, size adjustments, and more all affect the price. Now you have a good idea of what’s involved, so you can make an informed decision. 

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