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How to Program a Garage Door to Your Car

How to Program Garage Door To Car

If you’re thinking about having a new garage door opener installed, you may be wondering how to program it. Most garage door openers provide installation instructions, including how to program your various remotes. However, we’ve gathered a few tips to help you get started.

In this article, you will learn how to program a garage door to your car. If you need help, Your Garage Door Guys is always here to help. Our technicians have years of experience programming garage door openers.

Programming your garage door opener to open via remote is a convenient way to access your garage, as you won’t even need to get out of your car in order to use them. Just press the button on your remote or drive near the garage door, and you’ll be able to get your car in without having to get out. 

Here’s how to program a garage door to your car.

How Your Garage Door Opener Works

Before doing this, it’s worth knowing just how the garage door opener works. There are lot of different makes and models out there, so each model will be a little bit different in how they’re programmed. However, the way you’ll program them is always roughly the same. 

Most garage door openers are operated from a central control unit, which has a signal board or central computer. This partners up with a remote which you’ll have in your car, ready to be used whenever you need it. 

The remote and the opener transmit a radio signal between them, and so both need to be set to the same frequency. Once they’re set to the same frequency, the unit can work with the remote. The remote will send a signal to the unit, which recognizes it and moves the garage door for you. 

When You Need to Connect Your Remote to Your Garage Door Opener

Why might you need to reconnect your remote in your car to your garage door opener? As mentioned above you may need to connect it once you’ve had a brand new opener installed. You may also need to do it if you get a new remote, something that’s common if the old one is broken or lost. You’ll also need to reconnect them if the signal between them is broken in some way. 

If your remote isn’t currently working, there may be other reasons for this other than the remote being broken or needing to be reconnected. It may simply be that the batteries have run out, the garage door has been manually locked, or the opener has been unplugged. Check for these issues before you go ahead and reprogram the remote itself. 

How to Program a Garage Door to Your Car

Still need to program the garage door opener to the remote control? Then you’ll see that it’s quite easy to do so. Here’s how you do it: 

Step one: Look for a ‘learn’ button on the garage door opener unit. This should usually be near the radio antenna. Be aware that this may have a different name. 

Step two: Once you’ve found the ‘learn’ button, then you can press and release it. The LED next to the button should light up, which shows that the unit is ready to be programmed. 

Step three: Now, get your garage door remote and push the button that you want to use as the primary input for your device. You’ll need to hold it for around 10 seconds until it connects. At this point, the LED light should go off. 

Step four: Test the new program by opening and closing your garage door with the remote a few times. If it works, you’re good to go. 

The system for programming the garage door opener will be slightly different if you don’t have a remote, and are connecting directly to your car. Again though, it’s quite simple if you follow these steps:

Step one: Move your car into the garage, to ensure it can easily link with the garage door opener. Find the garage door opener panel in your car. This will likely be with the rest of the car controls, or above the driver’s seat. 

Step two: Once you find the panel, you need to locate the ‘program’ button. Again, this may be called something different, so be aware of that when you’re looking for it. 

Step three: Push the ‘program’ button for a few seconds, until the light starts to blink. At this point, the car remote will be ready to receive a new key code or to automatically link with a garage door opener near it. At this point, you may also need to press the ‘learn’ button on your garage door opener. You’ll need to consult your manual to see what you need to do. 

Step four: After you’ve programmed the remote, allow the button to rest for a couple of seconds. Then, test the opener by pressing the button. Your garage door should then open up. 

With both of these methods, you’ll want to check your garage door opener manual. This will give you more detailed instructions on how to program the machine, and you’ll get more info. If you don’t have the physical manual, it’s often quite simple to find the one for your opener online. 

Troubleshooting Your Remote

Have you checked for any simple issues, and even after reprogramming your remote you still can’t get the garage door opener to work? Then you’ll need to check for a few issues to see what’s wrong. 

In most cases, the culprit may not actually be your garage door opener, but the garage door itself. If there’s damage to the tracks or rollers, then it won’t be able to move. You’ll also want to take a look at the photo eyes if you see the garage door close halfway and then open again. That’s a sign they’re blocked or misaligned

If there’s no problem here, then it’s likely that the garage door opener has a faulty motherboard. In these cases, you’ll need to talk to a garage door repair expert, so they can fix the issue for you. 


Now that you know how to program a garage door to your car, you can move forward with confidence knowing you can get the job done.

It’s easier than you’d think to reprogram a garage door opener to your car. Use this guide to get everything connected, and you’ll be able to use your garage door opener quickly and easily. If you do need any help, make sure you talk to a garage door expert. 

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