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How to Repair a Garage Door Cable Effectively

how to repair a garage door cable

Repairing a garage door cable involves carefully releasing the tension springs, loosening the drum screws, removing the old cable, and installing the new one. The second cable should also be replaced for consistent performance. It’s crucial to follow safety procedures and ensure proper tension in the cables to avoid any operational issues.

When your garage door isn’t functioning properly, the culprit may be a faulty cable. The process of repairing it might seem daunting. Yet, with the right tools, materials, and a comprehensive guide, it’s possible to restore your garage door’s functionality yourself. This article will walk you through the steps of repairing a garage door cable effectively and safely.

In this article, we’re exploring how to repair a garage door cable effectivley.

Tools Required

To carry out a successful garage door cable repair, you’ll need a few essential tools. The following is a comprehensive list:

  • Winding Bars: These bars help to safely adjust the tension in the torsion springs, which is crucial during a cable replacement.
  • Set of Wrenches: Wrenches will be used for a variety of tasks such as loosening and tightening the hardware of the garage door.
  • Set of Sockets: Like wrenches, socket sets are also used in the loosening and tightening of nuts and bolts.
  • Screwdriver: You’ll need a screwdriver to remove and re-install the screws that hold the drum in place.
  • Vise Grips: Vise grips are necessary to securely hold the door open while you’re replacing the cable.
  • Ladder: A ladder will help you reach the high components of the door, such as the drums and springs.

Materials Required

There are also several materials you’ll need to perform the repair:

  • Replacement Cables: It is important to replace both cables at the same time to ensure even wear and tear. Make sure you purchase the correct type and length of cable for your specific garage door.
  • Replacement Springs: While you’re replacing the cables, it’s a good idea to check the condition of your springs. If they show signs of wear or damage, you should replace them as well.
  • Garage Door Lubricant: This will help ensure smooth operation of the door after the repair.
  • Safety Glasses and Gloves: These will help protect you from potential injuries during the repair process. The glasses will protect your eyes from any debris or snapped cables, while gloves will protect your hands and provide a better grip.
  • Locking Pliers or C-Clamps: These can be used to secure the garage door in the open position during the repair process.

How to Repair a Garage Door Cable

Garage door cable repair requires careful attention to detail to ensure safety and effectiveness. Here’s how to repair a garage door cable:

  1. Open the door and lock it in place: Begin by disengaging the garage door opener and manually opening the door. Use a pair of vise grips under the roller tracks to hold the door in place.
  2. Unwind the tension springs to loosen them up: Using winding bars, carefully unwind the springs to relieve tension. This step should be done with caution, as the springs can cause serious injury if mishandled.
  3. Loosen the drum screws in order to loosen the drum: Locate the drum on the top part of your garage door and carefully loosen the screws. This will free up the cable for removal.
  4. Remove the cable from the bottom bracket: After loosening the drum, descend the ladder and detach the cable from the bottom bracket.
  5. Install the new cable: Run the new cable around the pulley system, up to the drum. While holding the cable tight, tighten the drum screws back into place.
  6. Replace the second cable: Follow the same steps on the other side to ensure consistent performance and wear of your cables.
  7. Increase tension: Once the cables are replaced, increase the tension of the springs using your winding bars.
  8. Re-engage the garage door to the drive chain: Lastly, re-engage your garage door to the opener’s drive chain. Test your garage door to ensure it is working correctly.


Many homeowners have questions about garage door cable repairs. Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions:

How do I fix the cable on my garage door opener?

Fixing a cable on a garage door opener involves replacing the old cable. Disconnect the opener, remove the old cable, then install and secure the new one. Test the opener to ensure it works properly.

Can a garage door cable be replaced?

Yes, garage door cables can and should be replaced when they show signs of wear or damage. It’s important to replace both cables at the same time for consistent performance.

Why does my garage door cable keep coming off?

A garage door cable might come off due to lack of tension, a loose drum, or worn-out rollers. If the cable keeps coming off, it may be time for a replacement.

What causes a garage door cable to snap?

Garage door cables can snap due to age, wear and tear, corrosion, or undue pressure caused by a broken spring. Regular inspection and maintenance can help prevent this.

Need Help Repairing Garage Door Cables?

Garage door cable repair can be a complex task requiring precision and safety precautions. This is where Your Garage Door Guys can help!

At Your Garage Door Guys, we specialize in all things related to garage doors. With our expertise, we can ensure that your garage door cable repair is handled promptly and safely.

Reach out to us today at (805) 955-0340 for an appointment.


Repairing a garage door cable involves several steps and careful attention to safety. While it can be a do-it-yourself project for the mechanically inclined homeowner, professional help is always available if you’re uncomfortable performing these tasks yourself. Remember, a smoothly functioning garage door is crucial for both convenience and security. If you have any more questions or need professional garage door services, don’t hesitate to contact Your Garage Door Guys.

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