Commercial Driveway Gates & Openers

If you want to increase the security of your commercial property, commercial driveway gates and openers will help you do just that.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at commercial driveway gates and openers so you can make a more informed decision regarding which type of driveway gate is best for your business.

Commercial Driveway Gates & Openers

If you have a business with a parking lot, garage, or storage space, you may be interested in the benefits of commercial driveway gates. Similar to the way a garage door work, a driveway gate opens and closes by remote. This provides convenience, efficient operation, and increased security.

There is a variety of different types of driveway gates and gate openers available for businesses today. Unlike automatic driveway gates for residential properties, these types of gates and openers are designed for high-traffic areas, like parking garages, lots, and other facilities.

Here’s an overview of a few things to keep in mind while looking for commercial driveway gates and openers.

Finding the Right Gate for Your Business

There are a few things to consider when searching for the right gate and opener for your commercial property. Unlike selecting a gate for a residential property, there’s more to consider than the design and operation function.

You’re going to have vehicles driving in and out of the gate every day. You’ll have much larger vehicles coming in too. Then there’s the issue of security. You’ve got potentially thousands of dollars worth of stock and equipment on-site, so of course, you want to protect it.

Types of Gate Openers

There is a wide variety of commercial driveway gate openers designed for commercial installations. As mentioned above, the needs and type of your business will determine which type of gate and gate opener is right for you.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the different types of gate openers available.

1. Swing Gate Openers

Though swing gates are often used for residential installations due to the amount of space required to operate properly, swing gate openers will power a swing gate with ease so your traffic can keep moving.

2. Slide Gate Openers

The slide gate opener is one of the most popular and widely-used type of gate opener due to its compact size and exceptional performance. These units sit at the base of the fence line, efficiently saving space and powering your gate.

3. Overhead Gate Opener

An overhead gate opener is engineered to increase up-time and provide the most reliable performance available. These heavy-duty gate openers are designed to handle frequent use for commercial buildings in need of dependable performance.

4. Barrier Gate Openers

A barrier gate is ideal for high-traffic areas, like parking garages and parking lots. These are light-weight and open and close quickly, reducing the amount of time it takes for traffic to pass through.

5. Manual Lift & Swing Gates

Similar to barrier gates a manual lift or swing gate is light-weight and operated manually. This makes them ideal for installations like airports, checkpoints, and guarded parking areas.

Gate Automation

The next thing you need to consider is the automation of your gate. Depending on how busy your property is, this is going to be essential. With a manual gate, drivers will need to get out of their vehicle and open the gate to drive through, and then close it behind them. If there’s a lot of people coming in and out, that’s going to eat up a lot of time. Some businesses with swing gates simply leave them open during business hours, which can reduce security.

The best thing to do is automate your gate. This allows drivers to come in and out of the gate, without having to get out of their vehicles. It saves a lot of time and effort on their part.

There are several ways you can automate your gate. One option is to use remotes to open the gate. These work when the button is pushed near the gate, opening it. These are a good option if you have a relatively small crew or regular drivers. You can give remotes to those who need them, so you know who has access to the gate at all times.

Another popular option is to use a keypad. The keypad will only let the gate open if the driver has the right code. This works very much like the remotes, in that you can give the code to whoever needs it. The benefit is you don’t need a physical remote to get in, so you can give the code to whoever needs it. You can also change the code out whenever you need to, to keep it secure.

If you’ll have lots of new drivers coming in and out and have the staff to manage this, you can use an intercom system on the gate. Have drivers announce themselves at the gate, and you can open the gate remotely if you want to let them in. This is a very secure option as you can very everyone before they come inside.

Power Supply Options

If you choose to add automation to your gate, you’ll need to consider whether you want the gate hooked up to the electrics on your property, or to use solar power to power it. Both have their advantages.

Hooking your gate up to the electrics means you’ll have a steady supply of power, and you won’t have to worry about it not working. Even if the power goes out, a backup battery will ensure you’re not much inside.

A solar-powered gate is another good option. The solar panel can be placed almost anywhere, as long as it can get direct sunlight. Again, a battery backup will ensure you have power to the gate, even when the sun goes down. Plus, having a solar panel means less work on your property, as you won’t have to have the ground dug up to connect electrics


One of the most important reasons to install a driveway gate is to secure your business when you’re not there. A locked gate is another layer of security, and it helps delay and put off potential trespassers. When you add the gate to security lighting, alarms, and more, you know you’re doing your best to keep unwanted people out when you’re not there.

This is another reason why adding automation is such a good idea. When the gate is automated, it won’t just open to anyone. You need to give drivers permission in order to use it. That could mean giving them the code to the keypad or giving them a remote in order to open the gate. That way, you can track exactly who has access to the gate at all times.


Now that you know more about commercial driveway gates and openers, you can make a more informed decision regarding which options are right for your business.

When choosing a commercial gate, you’ve got a lot of options. You can choose the style of opening, and whether to automate it. There are several different ways to automate, as well as to power the automation, too. The choice is yours, so get the gate that works best for you.


Electric Driveway Gate Options and Value

If you’re like most homeowners, you’re probably interested in improving your home security, privacy, and property value as much as possible.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at how you can do all three with an electric driveway gate.

The Electric Driveway Gate

Are you looking to install a driveway gate on your property?

Then you need to look into getting an electric driveway gate. This style of gate is becoming very popular with homeowners, as they offer increased security, privacy, and curb value to your property.

Here are several benefits to installing an electric driveway gate.


An electric gate is simply a gate that is able to be moved without you having to do it manually. There are three ways that electric gates know that it needs to open:

  • Via remote: You press a button on your remote control, usually kept in your car, and this signals to the gate opening device that it needs to open.
  • Via keypad: When somebody puts in the right code on the keypad, the gate will open.
  • Via sensor: If the sensor senses a car or person near the gate, it will open for them.

The method you choose will be the one that’s right for you. All three methods are good options, but you’ll need the one that’s best for you and your family.

Once the gate has been opened, it will stay open long enough for you to come through, and then will shut itself again. In some cases, this will lock the gate too.

Swing or Slide Gate?

You’ll see that you can get electric versions of both swing and rolling gates, so you won’t have to compromise if you want an electric version.

Which one should you choose?

Swing gates

These are the gates you think of when you think of the average electric driveway gate. The beauty of a swing gate is that they’re a very simple design, and they fit in with almost any home design. If you’re concerned with the way your gate will look, you won’t have to worry about it when picking a swing gate.

These gates are also good for most driveways. A single gate will often be enough to allow most cars in and out of the property. If you have a sloped drive, they will need to be hung so they open down the slope, but this is often not an issue. If you have a larger driveway entrance, you may need a double swing gate to cover the space.

Slide gates

This style of driveway gate is becoming popular too, especially with those who want an electric gate. Sliding gates will roll to the side to allow entry. They’re perfect for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of space on their driveway, as it doesn’t need that room to swing-out. Instead, the gate rolls alongside your fence so you need little room to install it.

Which Opening Method?

If you’ve decided on the style of an electric driveway gate, you’ll need to think about how you want it to open. The three methods described above are the most common, so which one works for you.


This method requires you to have a remote in your car, that you press a button on to get the gate to open. It works in a very similar way to the way a garage door remote works. These work with rolling codes to keep your home safe. The gate won’t open unless you have the remote that opens the gate, so you know you’re safe and secure.


This is another great way to open your driveway gate. The gate will have a keypad next to it, which will only open the gate if the right code is entered. This is perfect if you have children and you don’t want them to have keys for fear of losing them. Team this with a keypad on the garage door and they can get in the house without ever needing keys. It’s also perfect if you need something delivered when you’re not home. Give the delivery driver the code, have them deliver the item, and then change the code when you get home.


This option is best if you aren’t using the gate for extra home security. The gate will open as soon as someone comes near it, without you having to open it yourself. This does make life a lot easier when you’re coming home in the cold and dark. You won’t have to get out of the car to open the gate, as it will do it itself. It’s also safe as the sensor will not allow the gate to close until the path is clear.

Powering Your Gate

You have two options as to how to power your gate; regular mains power or solar power. Both options work perfectly, so the choice is very much down to personal preference.

A mains powered gate will be connected to your main power supply, so it will be powered 24/7. You won’t have to worry about it losing power, but you will need to dig up your driveway in order to connect it to the power. This may not be ideal for everyone.

The other option is solar-powered gates, which are also a great option for your home. These use a solar panel on your property in order to power the gate. It will take in power during the day, and then store it so you can use the gate 24/7. The benefits of these openers are that you don’t need to dig up your driveway, they’re eco-friendly, and they can be placed almost anywhere as long as they get enough sunlight.


There are lots of options when it comes to electric driveway gates. Firstly, you need to know whether you want a swing or a rolling gate. Then, you’ll need to think about how you want the gate to open, whether that’s by keypad, sensor, or remote. Then, you need to think about the power supply.

Once you’ve done all this, you’ll see that your gate is the perfect addition to your driveway. It will be ready at a moment’s notice to open ad let you in, without you having to do a single thing.


3 Popular Types Of Driveway Gates

There is a wide range of driveway gates available for both residential and commercial properties.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at the three most popular types of driveway gates so you can make an informed decision regarding which type of gate is right for you.

Types Of Driveway Gates

Before we get into the details, it should be noted that driveway gates can be highly customized to fit your style and need based on the type of driveway materials, opener, and power source. When you’re first considering the idea of installing a driveway gate, it’s best to explore all of your options.

There are several types of driveway gates, driveway gate openers, and materials to consider.

To get started, we’re going to take a look at three of the most popular types of driveway gates as well as the more common materials, openers, and other accessories.

Here are the 3 most popular types of driveway gates:

1. Swinging Gate

Of all the driveway gates, this is the most common style you’ll see. As the name suggests, the gate swings out in order to allow your car in or off the driveway. Most swinging gates will be designed to swing in, away from traffic. This changes if you have a steeply sloping driveway, as the gate will be hung to swing into the road in order to allow your car out.

These are a very practical option for most homeowners. As these gates are manual and don’t have a lot of moving parts, they’re simple to take care of and maintain. These gates come in several different materials too, including wood and wrought iron. There are so many styles, you’re bound to see one that suits your tastes and your home.

2. Double Swing Gates

These gates are a variation on the regular swing gate. Instead of opening at the end and swinging out, they’ll open up in the middle. This is a good option if you have a wider driveway opening, or if you don’t have enough room for a single gate to swing out all the way. They also look great, so you’ll want to consider your curb appeal with these gates.

3. Sliding Gates

The other main option you have is the sliding gate. As the name implies, the gate will slide across when opened, rather than swinging out. They don’t require a lot of room to open as a swinging gate does, so if you have a small driveway this will be perfect for you. All you need is space along your fence line to allow the gate to slide across.

Another benefit of sliding gates is that you’ll be able to very easily automate them. Automation brings a lot of benefits, and it’s very easy to set up. When you talk to your gate installers, ask them about automation as it may be right for you.

Gate Materials

If you know which style gate you want, you’ll next need to think about the material.

The most common materials are steel, wood, aluminum, and iron. Steel is a popular choice, as it’s such as a resilient metal, as is iron. You can use aluminum if you want a lighter gate, but be aware that it will rust if it’s not properly taken care of. Wooden gates are also a good choice, as they’re aesthetically pleasing.

Wood does need more care though, as without it it will crack and warp. They’re also heavier, so you’ll need to factor that in when making your decision.

Regardless of the driveway gate material, you will need to keep a closer eye on the various parts to ensure your driveway gate functions properly for years to come. If you don’t, you may experience problems in the future that require driveway gate repair.

Automating Your Gate

You’ll also need to think about automating your gate. There are lots of advantages to doing this. You’ll never need to get out of your car again to open it, as you can do it with a remote in your car. There’s also the fact that it keeps your home much more secure than with a manual gate.

If you’re thinking of automating your gate, you’ll have two options for powering it. Firstly, you’ll be able to hook it up to your mains power. This is the most common way of doing this, and it means you won’t need to worry about the power as it will all be hooked up. The downside is you may need to dig up some of your driveways to power the gate, and if there’s ever a power outage your gate automation will go out too.

The other option that’s becoming very popular is solar powered automation. These systems are built with a solar panel that can be mounted anywhere near your gate that gets good light, and this will collect power that will open your gate. That means it’ll work even if it’s dark out. These won’t require any damage to your driveway and they’re eco-friendly. They require a little more upkeep though.

Accessories For Your Gate

Once the gate is installed, you have your choice of accessories for it. There are all kinds of things that will help secure it, make it easier to open, and more.

When it comes to security, you have all kinds of options. For example, you can install an intercom system at the gate for visitors. This means no more unwanted visitors on your doorstep, and you can communicate with them before you decide if you want to let them in. Some systems have cameras too, so you can see who’s there.

You can also install a keypad if you have an automated gate. These are perfect if you, or someone in your home, have a habit of losing keys. If you have the right code, you can get in. They’re great for kids, as you don’t have to worry about them losing keys. They’re also great if you’re giving someone temporary access, such as delivery people. Once they’ve used the code, you can change it to secure the gate again.

When it comes to automating the gate, you’ve got options too. Some homeowners like to put electric eye beams on the gate, so they’ll open when something is in the gate’s path. This is a good security measure, as they won’t shut on anything that’s in the way of the gate.

You can also invest in automatic gate locks, which lock the gate as soon as it’s shut. No more worrying about whether the gate has been locked once you’ve gone through it.


Now that you know about the three most popular types of driveway gates, you can move forward with confidence as you explore your options. Whether you’re looking for a custom driveway gate, a solar-powered driveway gate opener, or a commercial-grade gate opener, you’ll be sure to find it.

If you’re not sure where to start or you’re interested in receiving a driveway gate installation estimate, let us know!


How to Install a Driveway Gate

If you’re thinking about installing a driveway gate, you may be wondering if you will be able to install it yourself or if you will need to call a professional.

Driveway gate installation involves several steps, some specific equipment, and a little know-how.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at this process in a step-by-step tutorial so you know how to install a driveway gate.

Benefits Of An Automated Gate

There are many reasons why an automatic driveway gate is for you. Firstly, they offer a lot of convenience. When you drive up to your gate, all you have to do is press a button on a remote and the gate will open for you. No more getting out in the wind and rain in order to open the gate.

Plus, having an automated gate means your home is more secure than ever. No one can get through your gate unless they have the right opener, so you can feel more secure whenever you leave your home. Having an automated sliding gate is a real boon to your home.

How to Install a Driveway Gate

Now that you know some of the benefits automatic driveway gates offer you as a homeowner or business, let’s take a look at driveway gate installation.

This process requires several steps, so it is in your best interest to call a professional driveway gate professional for help.

Here’s how to install automatic driveway gate …

1. Select The Right Gate

There is a wide range of driveway gates available today, each of which offers different functionality and power sources.

Take your time in selecting the right gate for you. You want one that’s going to give you the right size opening that you’re looking for, and that will fit nicely on your lot.

There are three types of driveway gates – sliding gates, swing gates, and lift gates. Sliding gates require space on either side of the entrance in order for the gate to slide open and closed. If you don’t have space on either side of the entrance, you may want to consider a swing gate. Swing gates are designed to open inward or outward, thereby don’t require space on either side of the gate. If, however, you’re installing a gate at a commercial property, like a parking garage, you may need a lift gate. Lift gates are simple barriers designed to save as much space as possible.

2. Decide How Your Gate Will Be Powered

In order to fully understand how to install a driveway gate at your home or office, you first need to consider how you want to power the gate.

You have two different options – main power and solar-powered gates. Both come with their own benefits. A mains powered gate will run off your home’s power grid, so once it’s installed you won’t have to worry about it again. A solar-powered gate will only need a panel that’s placed in the right position to get enough power and will work even in the event of a power outage.

If you connect the gate opener to the mains, be aware that you will need to dig up at least a portion of your driveway, in order to connect it up. If you go for the solar option you won’t have to do this, but you will need to perform more maintenance on it over time. Pick the version that works best for you.

3. Preparation

Before you start installing your gate, you need to prepare the area.

Firstly, you need to ensure that the ground is totally level, both where the gate will be, and where it’ll roll to when it’s opened. If there is a slope, your gate will still work if it’s consistent across the whole surface.

You’ll also need to install gate posts for your gate to sit on. These posts are vital for your gate, as many problems with automatic gates come from improperly installed posts. Ensure they’re in the right place by placing them in line with the current fence, and dig holes for them to be concreted into.

Remember, the holes need to be dug deep to be properly braced and held in place.

4. Fixing The Track In Place

Now that your prep is all done, you can start on the gate. The first thing to do will be to get the track into the right position. This is vital, or your gate won’t be able to roll across properly. Lay it out on the ground, and check that it lies straight across the area it needs to be installed in. If there are any inconsistencies in the ground, you can pack the ground under it so the track lies level.

Place it into position, and affix it to the concrete. Use a few screws to put the track in place, then check that the gate will roll correctly across it. If it does, finish screwing the track down to confirm its position.

5. Install The Gate

It’s time to install the gate itself. You’ll need to affix the wheels onto the gate, usually around 25% of the way in from where the gate opens.

Next, the guide bracket needs to be affixed to the post behind the opener’s motor, and will stop the gate from falling over when it opens. Install your gate stopper last, to keep the gate in place when it’s fully opened. Now everything is in place, you’ll be able to finish automating the gate.

6. Automating The Gate

Now comes the installation of the automating equipment.

The motor will need to sit below the guide bracket, fixed into the ground. Again, you need to ensure that the ground is level so this will work. Next, the gear rack needs to be affixed above the motor. Ensure that it rolls smoothly with your gate before you move on.

Finally, the gate will need to be powered. Whichever style you pick, it’s best to talk to an electrician or gate installation engineer to get this part done. Once it’s hooked up to power, the gate needs to be tested several times to ensure it’s working. Use your remote to open and close the gate, ensuring everything moves as it should. If there are any issues, correct them now before the gate comes into use.


Now that you know how to install a driveway gate, you can decide whether or not you will need a professional.

We always recommend contacting a professional due to the heavy equipment, mechanics, and electrical aspects involved in installing a new gate. It’s safer and you can rest assured your gate will be installed correctly and quickly.

If you need help, please consider giving us a call.


Save Energy With A Solar Powered Driveway Gate

Are you looking for dependable driveway gate openers that help cut down on your electric bill? If so, you may be interested in learning more about solar-powdered openers, such as the LA412UL from LiftMaster.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at how you can save energy with a solar powered driveway gate.

Why An Automatic Gate?

 Before you even think about buying a gate, you need to think about whether you want an automatic or manual gate, as there are benefits to both. Manual gates need to be opened by hand, while automatic gates can be opened by the touch of a button.

A manual gate is chosen by a lot of homeowners because they know it will always work, even in power outages. They’ll also pick it if they don’t need to open and close the gate every day. A manual gate is also a better option if you don’t want to dig up your driveway to put power lines down to it.

An automatic gate, on the other hand, has a lot of benefits. Firstly, you’ll never have to get out of your car in order to open the gate. Many gates will operate on a similar system to automatic garage doors, opening when you have the right remote control or code. They also allow for more security, as you can add key codes to the gate. That way, no one is getting in unless they know the code.

How Solar Powered Gates Work

 A solar-powered gate is almost the same as their regularly powered counterparts. Instead of being wired for power, they are instead using a solar panel to collect power, in order to move the gate when needed. A solar power unit can be used with almost any type of gate, such as rolling gates and wing gates, meaning you’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to the gate you choose.

The power voltage of the gate will depend on what you’re using it for. Most light use or residential gates use a 12-volt system, which is more than powerful enough for your needs. If you need it for heavier use, such as in a commercial setting, then you can buy a 24-volt system which will give you the power you need.

There’s no worry about using your gate at night, too. The solar power system will include a solar battery. The panels will collect solar power and store it in the battery, so you can even use your gate when it’s dark outside.

Benefits of a Solar Powered Driveway Gate

 So why use a solar powered gate, rather than a regularly powered one? There are several reasons why you should consider it:


When you use a powered gate, it’s not going to use an awful lot of power. However, it is going to add to your energy bills. When you use a solar-powered gate, you’re using free sunlight as energy, so it’s not going to cost you a thing. Those savings will add up in the long run.

Environmentally friendly

This is the reason a lot of homeowners are going to look into solar-powered gates. These days, everyone is trying to reduce their impact on the planet. As solar power is free and endlessly renewable, it’s hard to find a more ecologically friendly way to power your gate.

Quick and easy installation

When having a regular gate installed, you’ll need to think about how it’s going to be installed. You’ll most likely have to dig up part of your driveway in order to put down power cables, creating a mess and extra expense in repaving the drive itself. A solar-powered gate doesn’t need any of that. It just needs to be linked to a solar panel, making it much easier to hook up and get working.

Place the solar panel in any position you like

The solar panel for your gate doesn’t need to be right by your gate. If you’re worried about aesthetics, then you can place the panel somewhere that’s out of sight, but able to get enough sun for the solar panel to work.

Get tax credits

Depending on where you live, you may be able to get tax credits for installing a solar-powered gate. In some cases, this can be up to 30% of the cost. It’s well worth looking into tax credits, to see if you can get some money off.

Don’t worry about outages

If the power goes out in your area, then that’s not going to be a problem with a solar-powered gate. Thanks to the storage battery, you’ll be able to use the gate no matter what.

What To Consider Before You Buy Your Solar Powered Gate

There are a few things you’ll need to think about before you buy your solar powered gate. Firstly, do you get enough sun on your property? You need about 5 hours of strong sunlight in order for a solar-powered gate to work as it should. If you don’t get this, then you’ll need another option for your powered gate.

Solar panels need a little extra upkeep, so you need to be willing to do this. This means cleaning the panel and positioning it correctly. If you’re happy to do this, then a solar panel is going to be right for you.

Finally as mentioned above, solar-powered gates work best with residential properties, as they’ll see lighter use. If the gate is going to be in use every day, all day long, you may need a heavier duty powered option.

There are all kinds of reasons why you’ll want a solar-powered driveway gate. It’s environmentally friendly, cheap to operate, and it ensures your gate will open and close properly. You’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to a solar-powered driveway gate, so you can pick the one that’s right for your home.


Now that you know more about saving energy with a solar powered driveway gate, you can decide whether it’s the right solution for you. If so, the LiftMaster LA412UL may be the driveway gate opener you’re looking for.

To learn more, please feel free to get in touch. We’re here to help gu


4 Types of Sliding Driveway Gates

There are a few different types of sliding driveway gates, each of which offers unique benefits to homeowners and business owners alike. For starters, a sliding gate doesn’t require as much room as a swinging gate.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at several types of driveway gates so you know which gate is right for your property.

Sliding Driveway Gates

A sliding driveway gate is just the thing for many homeowners. If you’re looking into a gate for your home, you’ll see that you have a huge amount of choice when it comes to a driveway gate. Out of all the different types of sliding driveway gates out there, which one is right for you?

Why Choose A Sliding Driveway Gate?

If you’re thinking about installing a driveway gate, you will probably need to take time to consider your options. There are a few different types of electric gate available, including single swing gates, bi-fold gates, solar-powered gates, and, of course, the sliding gate.

Today, we’re focusing on four types of sliding driveway gates.

The biggest advantage is that they need almost no space to open. A regular driveway gate will need some space in order to swing open, so you need enough room for that, and for your car to sit behind it. This works perfectly if you have a long driveway, but if you don’t then it’s going to be a problem.

A sliding gate, rather than swinging out, will actually slide across. That means you just need a little room alongside the wall or fence that encloses your property. It’s a lot easier to use this kind of gate with a shorter driveway, as you won’t need that room for it to open. Just let the gate slide across and you’re good to go.

4 Different Types

There are actually multiple types of sliding gate out there. Here are the different types available, and why you may choose them for your home:

  1. Rolling electric gates: These gates roll across on rubber wheels when they open. This means they don’t need a track or anything else to allow them across. It’s a simple design and one that leaves your driveway looking simple and uncluttered. You also won’t need to worry about cleaning out tracks when you’re maintaining your gate.
  2. V track electric sliding gates: These gates use a ‘v’ shaped track in the ground for your gate to slide through when you open it. These are best used in areas where you’re not likely to get heavy snow or ice that freezes into the track. When you have this kind of gate, you’ll need to regularly clean the track out to keep it working.
  3. Cantilever sliding gates: These gates don’t touch the ground, and so don’t need support from below in order to open. Instead, it is elevated and supported on rails on the side of the gate. This is the best option for you if your driveway is unpaved, uneven, or you get a lot of snow in your area.
  4. Telescopic sliding gates: These gates are designed for spaces where the gate isn’t able to slide to the side when you need it to open. Instead of sliding across, the gate is made of two pieces that stack on top of each other when it opens and spread out again when they close. It can also be customized for different types of terrain, should it be needed.

There are different benefits to each kind of gate, and which one you choose will very much depend on your home. Talk to your local driveway gate installer and see which one would work best for you.

The Benefits of Installing A Driveway Gate

There are several reasons why you may want to install a driveway gate on your property. Here are just a few reasons why you should be considering it:

Increased security: This is the biggest reason for installing a gate on your driveway. When you have a gate, no one is getting access to your home unless you want them to be there. It gives you a lot of peace of mind when you’re away from home, as you have that extra security on your home.

Increased curb appeal: There’s a lot to be said for improving the aesthetics of your home. Even if you’re not thinking of selling your home, it’s great adding to the looks of the outside of the building. A driveway gate does a lot to make your home look great.

Keeping residents safe: A gate’s not only good at keeping things out, it’s good at keeping things in, too. This is especially true if you have children or pets. With a gate on your property, you’re sure that they can’t find their way out onto the road. It keeps them safe and again, gives you that peace of mind.

Automating Your Driveway Gate

The benefit of a sliding driveway gate, in particular, is that it’s so easy to automate. An automated garage door will be a lot easier to use, and even more secure. No one wants to get out of their car in the rain or snow to open the gate, so this is a great option.

You can open your gate in several ways, just like you would with a garage door. For example, you can program a remote opener that uses rolling codes to open the gate for you and you only. You can also use a keypad if you want to avoid having keys or remotes on your person. They’re also great for kids as they just need to remember the code, rather than carry keys themselves.

The great thing about automating your gate is that it makes it so secure. No one with the right remote or keypad code will be able to enter your property. You can pair this technology up with a remote doorbell and camera system, so you can see who’s at the gate, wherever you are in the world. It’s amazing just how much more secure this will make your home.


As you can see, there are several types of sliding driveway gates, and they’re all perfectly designed for your type of home. Pick the one that’s right for your driveway, and have it installed. You’ll soon see a difference in the overall appearance and security of your home. They’re an invaluable addition to your home, so look into having one installed today.


Aluminum Single Swing Driveway Gates

Of all the driveway gates available today, aluminum single swing driveway gates offer the safety, security, and cost-effective price range most homeowners and business owners seek.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look at some of the benefits of aluminum single swing driveway gates so you know what to expect.


Single Swing Driveway Gates

If you’re interested in installing a new driveway gate on your property, there are several things to consider. For starters, you need to consider whether a sliding gate or swinging gate is right for your needs.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the differences between single swing driveway gates and automatic sliding driveway gates as well as the benefits of installing a gate.

Let’s get started.

Single Swing Driveway Gates

One of the biggest differences between sliding gates and swinging gates involves the way in which the gate opens and closes.

While a sliding gate slides along a track during operation, a swinging gate opens and closes using an outward or inward swinging motion. Swing gates are available in either single or double swing configuration, which describes how many parts of the gate actually move during operation.

A single swing driveway gate will involve one solid piece that swings open and closed during operation, while double swing gates involve two gates that form the whole. In most cases, a double gate is divided at the center.

Swing gates are ideal for driveways that don’t have space on either side to allow the gate to slide open. In most cases, these gates will warn vehicles to stop at a distance to allow the gate to swing open.

Enhanced Security

When you get a gate installed on your property, you’re adding another layer of protection to your home.

For anyone to get onto your property, they need to get through the gate before they can even approach your home. Having that gate gives you all kinds of opportunities to improve security and make your home safe.

Firstly, just by having the gate you’re going to be more secure. The most basic gates will be able to be locked, either by a special mechanism built into the gate or just by a simple padlock. Having that extra lock makes all the difference when it comes to your home’s security.

You’ll also have the option to add extras onto your gate. For example, you can add a remote opening device, that responds when your car is in range and opens automatically. This will only allow cars you’ve approved to come onto your driveway. You could also add a keypad opener, so only those who know the code may be able to enter.

Another option is a camera and intercom system. These are already becoming more popular, as home internet allows you to set up a camera system quite easily. Having it at your gate instead of your front door allows you to keep unwanted guests at a distance, letting you see who they are before they’re allowed onto your property.

It’s amazing how much a gate allows you to secure your home. It’s a good idea to pair a gate with remote openers or camera systems to give you the ultimate peace of mind.

Keeping Children And Pets Safe

As the weather is getting warmer, you’re bound to be spending more time outdoors. If you have children or pets, then they’ll be out in the yard with you. As hard as you try, you’ll find that it’s difficult to keep an eye on them at all times. How many times have you turned your back for a moment, only to find that they’ve got into trouble?

When this is the case, it’s hard to relax outdoors as you’re trying to watch your children and pets. There’s always the possibility that they could make their way to the end of the driveway, out of your sight. This is dangerous, and you want to stop it from happening.

The easiest way is to add a gate to the driveway, so you can ensure that they can’t get out. For pets, you’ll need a gate that reaches low to the ground, to stop them from climbing under it. For children, a gate with a lock that they aren’t able to undo is the best option here. It’s simple but easy, and you can let the children and pets play outdoors without worrying about them getting off the property and onto the road.

Green Options For Your Gate

As a homeowner, you’re trying your best to reduce your impact on the planet. You can keep plastics out of landfills by creating eco-bricks, and insulate your home to keep energy in, rather than wasting it, but how do you reduce your power usage?

If you install a gate opener on your single swing gate, then you can opt for a solar-powered option. These mechanisms power your gate opener with the power of the sun, rather than using your existing electric setup. That way, you’re reducing your power usage quite easily.

There are other benefits to using solar-powered openers, too. Firstly, you won’t need to dig up your driveway to install power cables to your gate. That cuts down drastically on the mess, time, and costs. Also, you don’t have to have the solar panel right next to the gate, if you don’t want it there. You can move it to an unobtrusive spot, or somewhere that gets more light, in order to get the most from it.

The Best Gate Option For You

A single swing gate is perfect for most homes. As the name implies, you’ll swing the gate open on a single set of hinges, much like a door. They’re perfect for driveways where you have a lot of space for the gate to open, and for your car to sit behind as you wait for it to open.

If your driveway is a little shorter, then a double swing gate will be the best option for you. These gates open up in the middle and swing outwards. As it opens this way, you won’t need as much room for them to open. They’re also a good option for a larger driveway opening.

Then there’s the sliding driveway gate. These gates, rather than swinging out, slide across to open up the driveway. They usually slide across your fencing, meaning they need very little room to operate. If space is at a premium, then you can use these gates to keep your driveway secure.

If you’re not sure which gate option is right for you, consider contacting a driveway gate installation professional for assistance.

Picking The Right Gate

Every home is different, so every home will need a different gate set up. Will a single swing gate with a padlock work for you? Would you rather a sliding gate with a camera set up make you feel more secure? It is very much up to you. Whatever you decide, your gate will come in a huge array of sizes and styles. Pick the one that works best for you.

There’s a lot to think about when you’re picking out a single swing gate. Find a setup that works for you and your family. Keep everything safe and secure, and you’ll find that the gate brings you a lot of peace of mind, every day.


Solar Powered Gate Openers for Your Driveway

If you’re interested in adding an elegant layer of security around your home or business and want to save electricity, you may be interested in solar powered gate openers for your driveway. These gate openers are powered by solar power, which allows you to save money on your utilities every month.

In this article, we’re taking a closer look.

Solar Powered Gate Openers for Your Driveway

You can save a considerable amount of energy by switching to solar power technology. If the thought of savings interests you, consider the benefits of solar powered gate openers for your driveway.

Whether you have a driveway gate installed at home or at the office, a solar-powered driveway gate opener may just be what you need to save money every month.

Today, we’re taking a closer look at some of the benefits of installing solar powered gate openers for your driveway.

Saving The Planet

The first and most important reason for installing a solar-powered gate opener is because it reduces your carbon footprint, and helps you save the planet in your own way. As a homeowner, you’re already working on reducing your impact on the environment. You turn off appliances when you’re not using them, you recycle as much as you can, and you choose to buy from companies that have good, ethical practices. When it comes to home improvement projects, it can be difficult to be as environmentally friendly as you’d like.

That’s why a solar-powered gate opener, as opposed to one that runs from your main grid, is such a good idea. As soon as the system is hooked up you’ll see it’ll start collecting power. It’s dedicated to your gate, so you don’t have to worry about powering it again. As long as the panel is exposed to sun, you’re good to go. It won’t cost you or the planet a cent to open your gates.

Save Money On Electric Bills

When thinking about what impacts your electric bills, you probably won’t think of your driveway garage door opener first. However, everything on your property that uses power is contributing to your power bills. With bills getting higher and higher all the time, it’s no surprise that you’re looking for ways to reduce your costs.

That’s why a solar-powered garage door opener is the best idea for you. It will no longer cost you money to open that gate every time you get home from work. Instead, it’ll use the power of the sun, reducing your power bills alongside all the other power-saving steps you take, such as switching lights off and reducing your AC usage when you’re not home.

Can Be Placed Almost Anywhere

A solar-powered gate opener sounds like a great idea, but you’re worried about the look of it. Is it going to detract from the look and curb appeal of your home when it’s mounted right next to the gate?

Mounting the solar panel right next to the gate is an option, but you have to do it that way. You can actually mount the panel several meters away if you want to place it in an area that won’t detract from the look of your home. You can do this if your gate isn’t in an optimal spot for sunlight, too. You want the panel to get a good amount of sunlight, so you can put it wherever it needs to be to work as intended.

No Worries About Power Outages

Some homeowners worry that if the power goes out in their area, their gates won’t be able to work. With all automatic gate openers, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. If there’s no power, there will be a feature that allows you to open the gate manually, so you’ll always be able to get in and out.

If you need the gate to be automatic at all times, then a solar-powered gate opener is the way to go. Even if the main power is out, you’ll find that the gate will still keep opening for you. No more worries, as you’ll have a fully functioning gate no matter what happens.

Works With All Kinds Of Gates

There are lots of different options for your driveway gate, depending on your needs. A single swing gate is a classic look at works perfectly for many homes. A bi-swing gate opens up in the middle and is brilliant if you have a wider driveway opening, and have the room for the gates to open. A sliding gate needs almost no room at all but keeps your home secure. Can a solar-powered gate opener work with these gate types?

The good news is no matter what type of gate you’ve had installed, you can use a solar-powered gate opener with them. That means you’ve got lots of choices when it comes to the gate you want for your driveway, and you won’t have to worry about the opener working with them.

Avoids Expensive Groundwork

When you have a regular gate opener installed, you’ll need to connect it up to your power grid. In most cases, this shouldn’t be too difficult, but for some homeowners, it’ll be a problem. If you have a long driveway, you’ll need to do a lot of groundwork in order to connect the power. That means more construction in your home, and more expenses in order to get the job done.

Many homeowners go with solar powered gate openers as they don’t need all that work to be done. The solar panel is hooked up to the gate opener, and that’s it. It’s a lot less fuss and mess, and you’ll have your automatic gate opener before you know it.

Get Your Gate Opener Installed Today

There are lots of reasons why you’d want to look into a gate opener for your driveway. Nothing beats being able to pull up to your driveway and have the gate open for you. No more getting out in the rain or snow to open it, just pull up and pull in. It also offers a lot of peace of mind, as you’re ensuring that your home will always be secure. No one will be able to pull into the driveway if they don’t have the right opener for your gate.

A solar powered gate opener is the right option for so many reasons. It saves on energy and power bills, will work no matter what, and avoids more expensive work being done to your home. Now’s the time to look into installing one on your gates.


Automatic Sliding Driveway Gates

If you’re looking for an elegant way to enhance the curb appeal and security of your home or business, you may be interested in the benefits of automatic sliding driveway gates.

In this article, we will take a closer look at the benefits of automatic sliding driveway gates.

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